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As far as I can see the CS3 standard has the same price tag as before except you get Acrobat Pro for free. (that's nice, isn't it?) CS3 premium is 200 euros more expensive than before but you got Photoshop Extended, Flash and Dreamweaver. As you guys know, US prices are much lower for software and hardware than we get here, in the EU. (Before TAX that is) So expect pricing will be about the same as it was or a little increased for more bundled software. Can't wait.
Agreed, they place them on the whiners most populair feature of the current iMac, pointing down like it is now. The same place where most TFT televisions have them: under the screen.The chin stays
Would indeed be nice to have more GPU options. Something like a three step good(enough)/better/best option in the 24" model: 128MB/256MB/512MB (and corresponding better GPU) or skip the 128MB card entirely.
What a waste of money on software you have to purchase (almost) every time you switch platforms.
Why should Apple let Dell have the hardware sale? Apple is a hardware company who, accidently, provides a pretty good OS in the mix for free. It has nothing to do with hardware dictatorship, it's their bussines selling hardware. If they sell more hardware by making excellent software than they are probably the only company who understands how things should work.
Shouldn't this be 4 cents instead of 40? Because if Apple got 40 cents of every song sold via the iTS, they would have earned a whopping 800 million dollar, just by musicsales alone!!!
good point
And that's perfectly fine, I hate ugly ATX boxes.
What do you mean? If you meant the touchpad should be a screen I have to ask: why and what does it add to the MacBook (Pro) besides price? Bad idea, the touchpad is good as it is.No, there are a lot of peripherals which are FW400 and a few, like some triple bus HDs which are FW800. Adding FW800 to every Mac is a good idea though. It's sad the new AirPort Extreme hasn't a FW400 port for an external HD instead of the USB2. Probably there are some technical inabilities...
New Posts  All Forums: