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Apple will not compete in markets it doesn't think it can make a nice profit and/or sell a lot of its hardware. (10 million iPhones expected to be sold in 2008 ) So don't expect an Apple branded television, a digital camera, an ordinary (non smart) phone, a printer, scanner, DVR or USBhub. Those markets are too crowded, with small profit margins and pretty good solutions already in place or already bought by its potential customers. Apple can't really improve or...
Are you planning to buy both? I don't expect something better than a X3000 GMA in the MacBook, Mac mini and cheapest iMac.
It has been an expensive year in which a lot of hardware died. My digital camera and powerbook where the heaviest losses. I think only my fridge, some audio/video equipment and iMacG5 surfived 2006 I'll buy Adobe CS3, leopard and iLife07 however. A new 24"iMac this year, depends on the specs and how well my current iMac handels CS3. (or not)
It seems that the windowsworld makes everybody believe that slapping some nice components in a box makes a good computer... or adding more hardware features makes a better phone. As a Mac-user or iPod-owner you should know that by now. Most important aspect of the iPhone is the software. The multitouch screen, allthough a nice feature, is not the ultimate or only thing that makes the iPhone tick.
Hmm, did I say the "cool" word again? I will talk with my psychologist about this issue. What part of exact same hardware do you mean? The crappy minitower ATX nondesign box or the Pentium D processor?A $2,500 Dell has more in common with a Mac than with a $500 Dell, I agree. Especially the price. Although it is designed better and has better components than it's $500 sibling, it's still a Dell: You're forced to buy it with a copy of Windows thanks to an exclusive OEM deal...
I don't have a problem with DRM the way Apple uses it. I don't care actually. I do care about the quality of the music sold via iTS because it's rather poor at 128kbps. Lossless would make me consider downloads over CDs though. (although I would miss the artwork)
This isn't the first time Microsoft uses these vaporware tactics against their opponent OS builders. In 1991 Microsoft announced a completely new, never seen before operating system. It was called Cairo or something like that and after failing to produce a descent product, they borrowed some visualities of Cairo and came up with the DOS based Windows 95. It killed IBMs OS2 and almost killed Apple in the process. In 2001 they tried the same again by announcing Longhorn....
No they don't. It's 2-3 years late and most interesting features are deleted from it's initial feature list. todays world was good already, Vista added nothing, and benefits no one but Microsoft. Huh, If that means it works without hours and hours of reinstalling drivers and third party software and frustration because of viruses and spyware, I prefer to be teh noob. Whatever a noob may be. Does that mean it's easy for Apple to control everything? Hell no, in the contrary....
Where do you need faster boot-up time for? I don't know anybody who actually shutdown their MacBook (Pro), iMac or Powerbook on a daily basis. It's always on (or in sleep) until a software update comes along. Wake from sleep is instant.
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