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How exactly did the iPod and iTS penalize consumers for something they actually didn't do for years already? Lugging around a couple of cds or compact cassettes with you isn't exactly freedom either (isn't it?) and common practice in the 80's and 90's of the last century. I think consumers have more, better and easier ways to listen to their music than they've done for years already. The concept of taking all your music with you, manage it easily and listen where you want...
ps cs2 is sluggish, period. waiting for cs3
Not only the MacBook Pro sales were strong. It seems higher-end iMacs and (maybe Mac Pros) did good as well.40k less Macs sold than the previous quarter.But 9% more revenue than the previous quarter.10% for the desktop Macs8% for the portable Macslinkie, scroll down the page.
So everyone working in a (brick and mortar) CD store is in the music business nowadays It's called retail, not music business.
I think there is a misunderstanding as if Apple specifically wants to move iPod users to the iPhone. Apple still want's people to use their dedicated MP3-player. Apple wants a new market to grow into. Not a new market destroying an existing and highly profitable market. The idea of a non-smart phone iPhone is compelling, but I doubt Apple will build a phone without the iPhone features. It's the software that makes the iPhone an iPhone. The concept of rotating...
Buy now. Considering the fact that the MacBook is Apples last updated Mac, back in November. You'll probably have to wait for another 4-5 months for a refreshed model. Historically the update frequency of Apples Consumer notebook is about every 6 months. except for the last generation iBookG4.
License and die in agony, like what almost happend 1997.No thanks.
Like everything else made with Microsoft software?
Hmm... no, I'm waiting for Adobe CS3.
2GB in my november 2004 20" iMacG5 2GB in my november 2006 15" MacBook Pro 2,33Ghz C2D It's enough for the work I do. Both on the iMac and the MacBook Pro the HD is the bottleneck.
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