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I am extremely technogeil except if it's about cellphones. Still got use a Nokia 6310. It looks like shit but it works perfectly for me.
It's here Well sort of.
Nice, a MacBook nano. And the price will be as high as I expected.
You actually did believe that someone could sell you a Mac with all that software for less than $500??? That's pretty naive. The software alone is worth 4 times as much, at least.
2 days...
If I look at the prices asked for secondhand MacBook Pros in the Netherlands and the price of a new black MacBook, it is not a bad deal. In some cases actually pretty good.
Depends on the specs of the Pro. If it's a revA 1.83Ghz, I would take the plunch.
Pet Rocks I love it. [edit] And a virtual osX version is also available [/edit]
Go for the Core 2 Duo.
It doesn't need a graphics card, no dual screen support (WTF?) and it doesn't need Core 2 Duo for a while.It is the cheap-ass Mac. The prime function of the mini is to get your attention by its low price. Than to kill your desire to buy one and make you buy a real (more expensive) Mac instead.
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