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@ungenio It's a little less hot. A Dutch site reviewed it. Thermal image with iPad 3 on the left: http://ic.tweakimg.net/ext/i/imagenormal/1352213288.jpeg http://tweakers.net/reviews/2809/3/de-nieuwste-ipad-met-de-snellere-a6x-soc-de-processor-en-gpu-getest.html
The screens could be cut from the iPad 3 sheets. They can take any resolution they want as long as width and height share the same proportion. The interface could be rendered with the same resolution as the new iPad before scaling it down, say a factor 1.24. They use the same technique for the new Retina MacBook Pro.
In Mac OS 9 (or was it 8.6?) you could login with your voice. It worked like crap, but a combination of voice and face would be really nice. Although perfect face recognition would be best.
I have ordered mine, but haven't received the tickets in my mail box. Shipping: Within 24 hours via email. Have others already got their tickets in the email?
How is paying a dividend helping Apple? It's not like they need extra capital to invest. It's also not true that Apple's successful last decade is because of the shareholders. I like to see 1998 as a reset.
This is somewhere in the Netherlands: http://gsp2.apple.com/tile?api=1&sty...180&y=2725&v=8
Having the same messages since iOS 5 from time to time with my iPhone 4. The only way to fix it, is to remove the SIM when the iPhone is turned on. I always have a paperclip in my wallet in case I get this message again.
I can't see why Macintosh should decrease. Last time I checked, Mac revenue wasn't decreasing. Actually, it's doing great in the current economy.
I have problem with Mail on one of my accounts. It keeps using resources, a lot of CPU and memory, until my Mac becomes unresponsive, because there isn't any unused memory (Mail uses more than 1.5GB after a while). It seems to be Spotlight related, because MDWorker is using a lot of CPU cycles, but it doesn't use a lot of memory.
Since when is Apple increasing their initial build numbers in dot releases? Normally I would expect to see a 10B71 version.
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