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I've had gen 1 almost a year. It works well. Automatic has laid a great foundation, but the platform needs expanded capabilities. I look forward to seeing what app developers come up with.
Landfill fodder? That's a bit extreme. Most TV's have YouTube built in already. The REAL reason for the Apple TV is access to the iTunes store. That is the exclusive feature of the Apple TV. Does anyone know if you can still AirPlay YouTube content from on an iPhone or iPad to a Gen 2 Apple TV?
Before I read any other comments, I just need to let you all know that I thought I had clicked the CNN app when I read this headline. And I realized that if this were actually Fo Reals I would probably not have to work another day in my life. Too bad this isn't a thing ready to happen. Still, of all my investments, AAPL is the one I feel might have a shot at pulling me out of the working class immediately. Go AAPL!
We already have services like the ones mentioned.   Cars have been leased for years. Beats, Pandora, Spotify are things There is probably some subscription service for books, too, but I don't know about such things.   None of these services have made it impossible to buy similar products outright if that's what you want to do.   The vendors might have exclusive content, but that doesn't mean you can't buy a car, book or track if you don't want to lease or...
I am fine doing business with Adobe on their terms.   If I no longer need access to CC, I'll stop paying.   When I do need access I'll continue to pay (or restart).   It's not extortion. Extortion would be not allowing you to use something you owned unless you paid something more.   Apparently you own a Mac and a perpetual license to an older version of the Creative Suite. That Mac and software will continue to work. It's your job to maintain that ecosystem if that...
I re-read this comment and notice you say you aren't troubled by the payment, but are upset that when you stop paying you don't get the service anymore.Seems simple: keep paying.You already said you don't mind the payment.
Trust me when I say that I know when I'm being screwed. As do my customers. To me it's a fraction of an hour of billing. For my clients, who mark me up at least 100%, it's even less than that. In a week I spend more on lunch and coffee than I do for a month of state of the art design software.I'm not being screwed.And if I am, what a screwing it is. I love it!
To get to ACTUAL LIGHTROOM CC FEATURES, which I am pretty sure have not been discussed at all in this comment section:   Do I understand correctly that once Lightroom builds an HDR or Panorama out of RAW files, the resulting file is a DNG with all the RAW editability that implies?   I sure hope so, one thing that always bummed me out about using the panorama or HDR tools is that the resulting file was just a regular raster file, with the RAW editability no longer...
Working just fine. Very happy 
So you are going down a rabbit hole of your own making instead? Either way, there is a rabbit hole. I prefer to go down the rabbit hole that doesn't stress me out. You are already billing your client for unarchiving the illustration and preparing to use it in new work. At least I hope you are. Like mstone says, build this into your fee. It's billable time and expense. That's the simple, easy and profitable solution. However, if you don't want to bother with any of it, I...
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