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Yes, please!
So, what are the alternatives? Ecobee only? I've been through a couple things through alarm.com via z-wave. Nice hardware units, but z-wave is such a crappy system. Then I tried rolling my own with Indigo server software and then Vera hardware. While this opened the door to more devices, it also brought with it the requirement that I do my own scripting and programming for anything but the most basic features. I'm sure that I could do something amazing if I took the time...
That about 1300 hours of music. Hardly braggadocio. If you listen to music all day at work you would get through that collection in a bit over half a year.Regardless, 20k, 50k or 100k should be easy to index and serve using a modern computer and network.This is a software problem, not a user problem.
I'd be very interested to hear from any intrepid beta testers if the performance of large iTunes library Home Sharing to iOS devices had improved. I don't think I've ever gotten it to work with my 50k+ iTunes library on my iPhones or iPads. Works great to my AppleTVs, though.
+1 on this. I was never able to get my library to load via Home Sharing. It's a big library, granted. But I was using up to date hardware through the whole device chain: iPhone, airport & Mac hosting iTunes. Seems like it needed some extra help. Hopefully Apple spotted issues during the development of apple music that caused the to revisit home sharing.Maybe the fix is the Apple Music App coming back to the Mac?A guy can hope, right?
Wouldn't the strictest libertarian reject the whole concept of marriage?
Far more diplomatic than my posts ;) Concur with your points.
My favorite from a Photoshop update a year or so ago. I did actually tweet this one to some friends since I found it pretty funny in light of the 20 years I've spent using Photoshop: 
I'm guessing you are a lot of fun to talk to at parties.
Got to admit I am pretty ignorant about Portugal in particular. It is not a 3rd world country, right? It's part of Western Europe, after all. But I guess my point is the same, if he isn't making enough to afford CC, he should stick with whatever Adobe software he has with a perpetual license. The thing is, if he's making so little money and having year-long breaks in work, I don't know how he'd be able to afford his perpetual license anyway. Let's not forget that back in...
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