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There is a fledgling effort to bring color management to iOS devices. X-rite has an app called TrueColor which uses i1profiler software as a server to host the calibration device and manage the calibration process. After completion an ICC profile is sent back to the iOS device and is hosted by TrueColor. Apparently there is some kind of way other apps can access this profile if they are written with this intent. Right now there aren't a lot of supporting apps, which is...
Not to change the subject, but have you ever seen the control surfaces video editors use? Specifically Da Vinci Resolve? One of the guys at the agency I freelance with has one of those rigs. What I wouldn't give to marry that surface with a Wacom and put my keyboard in a drawer most of the day. I actually did some research one day to see if anyone ever made some kind of adobe driver for that hardware. No dice I've actually found myself using my iPhone for most...
While I'd be very pleased if you are right, Wacom is a very mature technology/software platform.Since this is where I make my living (designer & photo compositor) please understand my skepticism that apple will blow away Wacom. They didn't put Microsoft out of the Office game with iWork. They didn't put adobe out of the photo catalog business with aperture. While Apple has been a great platform on which to double a creative workflow, the creative tools have been less than...
I kinda forgot that Wacom is making their own windows tablet now.Which brings me back to the exclusivity of that relationship with Microsoft.Do you think it is even possible for apple to license Wacom tech when Wacom is building windows tablets?
These things would all work via USB 2 as well.But speaking of Wacom...are they exclusive in their partnership with Microsoft in the Surface Pro? I'd love apple partnering with the tech leader in pen input. I own two of their intuous tablets already, and would love to replace the small one with a device with a screen and OS, but I'm not quite ready to actually go Microsoft, though I would want something capable of running real photoshop.
What are you talking about? I've never heard of anything you mention.I do like LG screens, though.
None of the features you mention are in beta.I haven't had the chance to see the feature in question to see its drop-dead simple interface in action.So I found this information useful.
Yes, please!
So, what are the alternatives? Ecobee only? I've been through a couple things through alarm.com via z-wave. Nice hardware units, but z-wave is such a crappy system. Then I tried rolling my own with Indigo server software and then Vera hardware. While this opened the door to more devices, it also brought with it the requirement that I do my own scripting and programming for anything but the most basic features. I'm sure that I could do something amazing if I took the time...
That about 1300 hours of music. Hardly braggadocio. If you listen to music all day at work you would get through that collection in a bit over half a year.Regardless, 20k, 50k or 100k should be easy to index and serve using a modern computer and network.This is a software problem, not a user problem.
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