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On one of the DPs I had, the index for my 400GB of data was around 80MB. Nothing to worry about.
Well, I was talking about QT Player. It's been rewritten, and it shows. Live window resizing, going to full screen doesn't lag anymore and has a nice "zoom" effect. The best part is the iPhoto style OSD when in fullscreen, which allows full control on the movie playing. It's better threaded too (which probably means QT is thread safe now), even though performance is a bit lower than Panther for the moment.
Ok, had a little more time with the build: the menu bar is indeed "glossy". Menus still have stripes though. open/save panels have a spotlight search field, similar to what we have now on Panther in Finder windows. QT is the shit
Nothing new, it's the same, just looks like the spotlight menu in the menu bar. Seems to be infinite on the left too, which will make Fitt's law fans happy Didn't check the open/save panels, will try to do so today.
I got a chance to get hands on with the Expo build. The build number is in the high A200s, sorry I don't remember exactly (I'd say 224, but don't quote me). New things I noticed: Finder updates instantly when new files are created (touch foo in the Terminal for example) When watching a fullscreen QT movie, if you move the mouse, controls appear to play, pause, rw, fw, volume and track position. UI is getting some polish, but it's still very early in the game.
Yeah, I've had a similar experience, with 300GB+ of data. The MD importers seem to shit themselves on files without proper extensions, and some MP3 files too. It just goes over and over again on the same files, you can witness this by issuing a sudo fs_usage in the terminal. It took me alot of grepping and looking at the logs to determine the faulty files and folders. I'm pretty sure this will be fixed by GM, it's a while from now.
Nope. What do you intend to play them back with? It has always worked, you just need to have the DVD structure on your drive, ie multiple .vobs, not a single .vob like OSEx defaults too. For those having issues with HB quitting close to the end of the rip, it might simply be your dvd drive over-heating on dual-pass long movies. 6hr+ rip times is pushing your dvd drive.
the developer is a close friend of mine, and i've been testing the new release privately. He should put out a beta tonight. IME it's been not only more stable, but much faster, and you guys will love the new options (MP4/OGM encoding).
The WindowServer crashed. It happens. You guys do realise there IS an OSX version of the original UT?
This is a known issue with Panther, sometimes the OS just hangs, the only things still working is the mouse cursor. It isn't a RAM issue, I've got 1GB and it occasionally happens to me. AFAICT it isn't an app issue either. what happens is that everything going on just stops, except the mouse cursor. after 5-10 minutes things come back for a short while, then hang again, and finally, IME, everything comes back within 15 minutes. Every time this has happened to me, RAM...
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