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People at labels? Amazon just ripped off every indie musician on their service, who stand to lose a lot more. Very sloppy on Amazon's part, going to be an artist's field day in court. And when they subpeona the records, finding that a good percentage of users are storing stolen MP3s, nice double whammy to go after both the company and users. Apple would be very wise to limit any future cloud services to only music purchased from iTunes, to avoid any of the same. ...
So Amazon rips off the App Store name to sell 'programs' for Google's Android, which itself is a rip-off of Apple's iPhone? No wonder the competition sucks, they have no history of upper brain activity.
Isn't that why Maddoff is in jail? Or do we just start putting everyone in jail on Wall Street? I think a little ass pounding time is needed for several AI posters too, the acute problem is when they don't get said time, they come here to whine about Wall Street, Apple, etc.
So crime is ok as long as it directed at these 'corporations'? Theft of information is different than physical property? Seems like you want to commiserate with the criminal element here and are "reaching" for a legal / ethical argument to support some wishy washy conspiracy nonsense. Good luck with that, maybe some honesty would be a better approach and just admit you sympathize with criminals as long as it fits into your narrative about 'evil corporations' and...
Keep holding your breath... likely an iPhone 4S or iPhone 4+ this summer, but there's no way there will be an "iPhone 5" until 2012. This one is just a warning, but remember next time "iPhone 5" is mentioned you'll have to cough up $1 for the stupid tax.
Or Microsoft can call their store the "Application Store" and kick themselves for not being savvy enough to drop formalities, and push an abbreviation that's catchier. Google can do the same - the 'Android Application Store'. Bunch of crybabies. Apple does not need to share their branding ideas and marketing with these clowns.
You are my hero. Maybe two years ago he could have held down Cloud City, but now he's the least powerful guy at the table, and trying to surround himself with the successful, while he flounders. Maybe I'm being too harsh..."Under water grottos, caverns Filled with apes That eat figs. Stepping on the figs That the apes Eat, they crunch."Perhaps Darth Remedial is his true sith name?
You messed up the quotes...Because "scientists" who claim to think "global warming" is a real and serious "problem"You need to do a better head count of scientists... unrelated specialities and government committee appointees (often of shallow scientific background) make up the majority of this "consensus" and do not speak for overwhelming majority of scientists who specialize in the climate/atmospheric related fields and prefer to remain out of the discussion. Sure if...
You shouldn't even bother. He obviously thinks Fox News is evil, and that his beloved NYT is some kind of journalistic standard Obviously anyone so threatened by the consumeristic popcorn journalism that is TV/newpaper industry is clearly not a Reason reader, nor a very strenuous thinker. It's also a clear signal of an emotional, upset elitist leftie when you see someone get worked up over Fox News. Obviously if 1 in 20 news channels needs your direct involvement it...
Yep. This is why Verizon offers free tethering - it's a worthless feature. Imagine the joy of having 5 devices dropping for every call, I'm sure that incredible bandwidth goes real far sliced in fifths. That multitasking iOS is now a lot less useful too. I guess Verizonites can buy a second iPhone for data, but they should make sure to activate the right blinker, ya know... to merge right with the slower data traffic.
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