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10% unemployment to 6%Stock Market from $6,500 to $17,000Housing starts best since 2007Automotive sales way upGasoline price $3.50 to $1.70Yes, give me more of this!!!!!!
If Snowden had evidence that revealed that the American government was infecting African American soldiers with syphillis or overdosing patients with LSD. I hope we would all stand up and say this has to stop, even if we know that we will be executed to prevent this from coming out.
The one profession that ranks up there with car salesman. Why don't they just steal jewlery off a dead person? 
I'll second DDG. It's not like you can't still do an occasional Goog or Bing search when you need to. 
Let me guess they did this in house.
Went with T-Mobile and saved $100 per month on four lines. Ask ATT to unlock your phone and see how ugly they can be.
It's not broken, just a way for agency's to further control and track information. Is it possible that FCC will be directed by agency's to block information as a "Matter of National Security"?
The sales numbers would have been the same even if the iPhone 6 was the same size as the 5s. This was just Apples way of killing the last little niche that Samsung had. Samsung's last play was to make a phone that looked like it was solid metal. 
Absolutely not! It started with desktop computers market share of 2% and maybe got to 4%, introducing the colored iMac launched to new plateau, then iPod even greater, MacBook Air, iPhone and then iPad. Apple grows so that it can introduce the next bigger product, using each product as a platform for the next.
Can I not say the same thing about Android phones, "well I wish it was 64bit 2 years ago", or "I wish it had better selection of apps", or "I wish I could update to the latest OS"
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