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I agree I would rather support Apple's effort to generate jobs in US.
I would hope you are more outraged at the family corruption of Samsung. I've been told by South Koreans that they not only control the government but also the food. I am sure buying Samsung products supports "real" illegal activities compared to Apple who just can't keep up with demand. 
C'mon everyone knows that the Samsung guys in the Best Buys are more like these guys in their commercials than the Apple Geniuses. I think Apple should do a commercial showing the one Samsung guy in the Best Buy looking up in the air because there is anyone visiting the Samsung counter. I give Samsung 6 more months before they are out of Best Buys. 
Maybe Samsung should waterproof their washing machines first, I hear they flooding homes and doing nothing about it.
I think it's like this. If I found out after interviewing two candidates for a position one male and one female that they just married(not to each other). I would automatically assume that the woman would likely be starting a family and I would have to deal with her being out for 3 to 6 months and probably eventually want to work part time or leave altogether. Yes its not fair, but it's probably a risk employers may not want to take. 
I just met a Korean woman on my flight to Denver. She owned an iPhone because she said "Samsung is corrupt". She said that even the President fears the head of Samsung. She also said they control grocery stores or food I'm not sure what she meant by that, but went on to say that they own all the Starbucks because they weren't going to have it any other way. This is the first I have heard of things like this. She also said "Americans don't know and don't care they just keep...
It seems like every time Apple does something with Intel it becomes a directive to all of Apple's competitors. UltraPhone: Slightly thinner than an iPhone,slightly lighter than a iPhone, improved touch ID, near zero bevel, you get the idea.
Isn't this Apple's choice to do what it wants to do?
Is it just me or does it look like .....
What, multi billion dollar institutions want to do things on the up and up?
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