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This will be great for Apple as long as they get access to the search and use data to make Siri better.    Personally, I would avoid using (stifled laugh) Cortana, anyway based on the name alone (yes, that was a shallow complaint with a little bit of sarcasm, and yes, I know where the name came from.  Didn't play Halo either).  I still hate MS with a passion and would never use anything of theirs unless I had to, like for work or something.  I'm quite happy in my Apple...
Easy.  I don't own 50,000 songs and even if I did, it would be too many to ever listen to in a lifetime.  Not only that, maybe 4,000 in my relatively paltry but valuable to me collection of about 7,500 are truly worth listening to.  You're better off with the streaming service of your choice.  Google, overkill again and again.   If it's a shared collection between users, OK, I might see that.
I was going to say that.  That I wouldn't be surprised if Apple begins signing up acts, does the promotion and sells the music themselves.  Cuts out the record labels and their waste and decadence.  The acts get a better cut of the pie and we get the music we want, not what the labels push at any given time.  We'll see. 
Agree.  I tune in only to watch a desired game, otherwise I could do without the blowhards on the network and their histrionics.
I tried ESPOS and it just plain s*cked.  I'm with Yahoo Sports and Bleacher Report.  
I got it.  Others get so touchy about every comment they forget what sarcasm looks like anymore. I thought it was funny.
What are you talking about?  The article was about the iPhone.  
Uh oh,  don't tell Rogifan or Benjamin Frost.  They're going to wonder how Tim could be named CEO of the year while he paraded his gayness all over the world, and didn't improve the iPad.
Good God.  Does the word "inhuman" mean anything to you?  It should because that's where you would find your picture in the dictionary.
It's plain from your posts in the other thread and here, you have a problem with Tim being, and announcing that he is gay.  He did it.  He admitted it and he's owning it.  More power to him and to those who are having difficulty with their sexual identity because of society's ignorance and unwillingness to accept them.  Tim's announcement will go a long way towards making others feel comfortable about the issue.   Did you have a fit when Apple released their "It Gets...
New Posts  All Forums: