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By necessity, I use Waze everyday, but lately the information has been spotty and I've actually lost time because traffic information wasn't picked up and by the time I was re-routed, I was past any point when it would have been beneficial. As for the new update, it's lipstick on a pig. They added some colors, but the buttons and functionality are still the same. Maybe a few processes are the same. I believe it's largely unsafe for a single driver to use while driving,...
I'm thinking they're going this way because the Home button will be excised from a subsequent model of the iPhone/iPad, possibly the iPhone 7.
Never mind! "Folders would make it clutch. For now I use Notability. Would love to use the native app, being such an Apple fanboy, but I have tons of notes organized in folders. The new features of notes are awesome."
So I have about $360 left to pay for my 6 with Verizon. I'm guessing I would need to pay off the 6, then get into the Upgrade Program for a new 6S Plus (it's the eyes). At that point, I could turn around and sell the 6. I'd lose money on the 6, but recouping some is not a bad thing either, or I could keep it as a backup.
Damn, if Sprint's network was just as good in my area as Verizon, I'd jump in a heartbeat.
Actually, I think cActually, creating Apple is the best thing Stevo did for Apple (along with the Woz).
OK. I'm just going to be a homer and say: OSX Santa Cruz!   BOOM!  Drop the mic!
Nobody has demonstrated more hate on this board than you. It's sad watching you spiral into your homophobic, homo-hating vicious circle. I pray you get help soon. Really I do.
Oh, good Lord.  There really, really is no hope for you.  Quoting the Family Research Council is proof enough.   Go back into your cave.  It's less dangerous in there.  
This will be great for Apple as long as they get access to the search and use data to make Siri better.    Personally, I would avoid using (stifled laugh) Cortana, anyway based on the name alone (yes, that was a shallow complaint with a little bit of sarcasm, and yes, I know where the name came from.  Didn't play Halo either).  I still hate MS with a passion and would never use anything of theirs unless I had to, like for work or something.  I'm quite happy in my Apple...
New Posts  All Forums: