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I got it.  Others get so touchy about every comment they forget what sarcasm looks like anymore. I thought it was funny.
What are you talking about?  The article was about the iPhone.  
Uh oh,  don't tell Rogifan or Benjamin Frost.  They're going to wonder how Tim could be named CEO of the year while he paraded his gayness all over the world, and didn't improve the iPad.
Good God.  Does the word "inhuman" mean anything to you?  It should because that's where you would find your picture in the dictionary.
It's plain from your posts in the other thread and here, you have a problem with Tim being, and announcing that he is gay.  He did it.  He admitted it and he's owning it.  More power to him and to those who are having difficulty with their sexual identity because of society's ignorance and unwillingness to accept them.  Tim's announcement will go a long way towards making others feel comfortable about the issue.   Did you have a fit when Apple released their "It Gets...
The Apple Store I was at had hired security to monitor the lines and they laid down the "cutting" policy.  We were also empowered to "snitch" on cutters.  If you let people cut in line, all of those people would be banned and the person who let them cut would also be banned.  
I was waiting in line when they told us the Plus was sold out.  I went into the store to see the phones and actually handle them.  The Plus is giant and not really what I need.  I came to the realization that the bigger size was for people who want a phablet, not necessarily the one to have because it is perceived as being better than the 6.  Other than the optical stabilization, there isn't any feature I am missing out on. I'm happy with the 6.
I was forced to buy a 64GB iPhone 5 because the 32's were sold out at the time.  I originally thought it would be overkill, but being a music lover and an app user, it's been around 50GB usage for awhile.  I'm still thinking whether I need 128.  Probably will get it in the end.   Oh, that reality distortion field...
I noticed a major degradation in Siri with iOS7.  Accuracy has been for shit.  I have to correct much of it, even though I speak loud enough and slowly enough.  
"I know a few apple product owners, and they are saying the same thing as me, "enough already apple" just get on with making the best products and software, we don't care what samsung, windows, or anyone else are doing.. End of story."   You do realize Apple is not pursuing Samsung to make you or anybody else happy outside of its shareholders and employees?   If all you care about is Apple's next great product, I suggest you stop clicking on these stories and focus on...
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