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I don't know what's worse DED's "fanaticism", or your dogged knee-jerk hater boy reaction to everything he writes. Dude, you need to get a life.
Obviously Steve was using Muhammad Ali's technique of "Rope-A-Dope", and it apparently worked as Apple caught the market flat footed and he delivered a one-two punch delivery of both video on iPods and iPhones and also hammered the market with the iPad.
Sorry, Keynote knocks spots off of PowerPoint.
Yeah, that showed up on my bill and I called them on it. I told the nice lady that I never was notified nor did I consent to changing my SMS plan from 1500 to Unlimited. She immediately knocked it back with a credit and an apology.
Well that didn't last long. What? Four posts in for the first naysayer?Dude, I truly hope in your real life you don't go around pointing all the negatives you see (but aren't necessarily true).
I laughed pretty hard when I read this story earlier. HTC CEO: What? Really?! Oh, forget it then. lol!
Big +1 for that. Money managers just want a piece of that pie.
Dude, you're in the wrong place. Go somewhere else to preach anti-Apple. You're wasting your time and your emotion.
This is an Apple fan site, or couldn't you tell by the title of the blog, and you must be new because DED is one of the biggest Apple Fanboys out there. Anything he writes is going to be about propping up Apple. That being said, Daniel is going to write everything in such a way that will for sure rankle a few people, who are quite vocal and still don't get that no matter what they say, Daniel wont change his writing style.
Personally I like George Clooney, but as was said before, when he's up on screen, that's who you see. Not so much the character he is supposed to be playing. Wyle did great in Pirates, but it was a TV movie and he's a TV actor. I suspect he wants the role because he hasn't done much lately and because it's on the big screen, he'll think he can make the jump. Besides, he's been Steve before. I'd like to see another actor offer another take on Steve. Bale's name...
New Posts  All Forums: