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You don't rebuy tracks with "Complete My Album."
There are always termination clauses in contracts, usually with penalties. The question is whether Apple can live with the penalty or perhaps even better, negotiate new terms favorable to Apple. And I'm sure prior to the closing of the deal, Apple's legal team did their due diligence and reviewed all contractual and legal obligations of Anobit. Having been a contracts manager this is standard practice for any merger or acquisition.
Eric's just talking Schmidt.
First, define " the market". Smart phone? OK, maybe that's true, but not to the Android phone manufacturer's benefit. Apple still makes all the money regardless of market share. And we all know that basically except for a few high end phones basically Android phones are given away. Not hard to take market share when you give your shit away. But again, who is earning the money here?So you say Android will own the tablet market? How? There's nobody around to give all...
I can't wait to see this. I doubt I'll be able to afford it though.
I have to laugh at the "you're not a real gamer unless you spend x amount of dollars on a REAL device and play Call of Duty, blah, blah, blah" thing. I think it was on ARS that I saw a thread with these "my shit don't stink" hardcore gamers taking this holier than thou attitude and I had to laugh because . . . It's a toy, period. Whether you get your gaming yah yahs on an iDevice, a Sony thing or a Nintendo thing, or a MS thing it's about entertainment and enjoyment. ...
Waiting for Hellacool to troll on here saying that this is not what really matters, that Apple's robots are responsible for all these incredible sales and that Android will take over the world in 5 years and that Apple will the be richest company, albeit in a niche, which doesn't really matter. All that matters is that Google's schlong is longer than Apple's, or something like that.
For some reason, when I hear this tag line, the image of a little child (samesung) thumbing his/her nose at a kid saying, "na, na, you can't stop me" comes to mind.I would love to see Samesung just try a more mature marketing strategy whereby they emphasize features and benefits of their their products as opposed to:1) making fun of Apple customers who are enthusiastic enough to wait in line (hell, I waited in line in the numerous times see the latest blockbuster movies,...
I could give a crap whether Apple or Google or whoever came up with it first. All I know is that when Apple released the iPhone 4S with Siri, they implemented it first in the best way so far and that's all that matters to me. Apparently, Google and Microsoft have some Siri envy to have to first knock it and then copy it or tout their own lame implementation of it. I used Google voice recognition buried in their app on the iPhone a couple of times but it was too...
No kidding! Especially since the aforementioned Ms. Barrett-Roddenberry died in 2008. (RIP Ms. Barrett-Roddenberry)
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