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For some reason, when I hear this tag line, the image of a little child (samesung) thumbing his/her nose at a kid saying, "na, na, you can't stop me" comes to mind.I would love to see Samesung just try a more mature marketing strategy whereby they emphasize features and benefits of their their products as opposed to:1) making fun of Apple customers who are enthusiastic enough to wait in line (hell, I waited in line in the numerous times see the latest blockbuster movies,...
I could give a crap whether Apple or Google or whoever came up with it first. All I know is that when Apple released the iPhone 4S with Siri, they implemented it first in the best way so far and that's all that matters to me. Apparently, Google and Microsoft have some Siri envy to have to first knock it and then copy it or tout their own lame implementation of it. I used Google voice recognition buried in their app on the iPhone a couple of times but it was too...
No kidding! Especially since the aforementioned Ms. Barrett-Roddenberry died in 2008. (RIP Ms. Barrett-Roddenberry)
The problem with Amazon is that they have to manufacture a few to get it right. Speaking as a former of an iPad and now iPad 2, they were both near as perfect as can be right out of the gate. There were little to no flaws from my perspective. So maybe the Kindle Fire will better someday, but it will cost Amazon a fortune to keep trying. Apple has already sold millions and millions and have $81B in the bank so they can afford to keep manufacturing the succeeding...
LOL Apple ][ you crack me up. I find your rather irreverent pro-Apple cum defense posture to be refreshing and humorous and intelligent. Keep it up!
Apps for "content creation" (another baseless Fandroid talking point) have been around since the original iPad. It's not a recent phenomena. Not sure why you believe the Xoom was the one shot. There are others out there that are much better. Are you saying that the Xoom failure doomed it for the rest of the other companies that invested in Android? That they somehow put a bad taste in consumer's mouths for any Android tablet? Hm, I guess Apple wasted a ton of money...
OK, I think you need to rework the Google Translate. I can't tell what you're saying. But I'm going to take a try at responding. For what it's worth, I've dropped my iPhone twice on the pavement, with a bumper, and not a single scratch or a dent. So maybe that means the build is better than "crud"?
Aesthetics of tower sites is an issue, but don't forget the tin-foil hat crowd who are deathly afraid of RF emissions of any sort. They hold more sway over local planning and city council meetings that might think. Having done my share of cell site acquisition work, I can tell you all it takes is just one citizen to torpedo an application for cell site. It ain't easy.
Oh, God. Go to law school, study corporate law, go to Black's Law Dictionary, study case law and then come back and correctly use the term monopoly. Until then you're just blowing smoke and you really don't know what you're talking about. In fact, anybody here short of being a lawyer doesn't really know what "monopoly" means and most arguments are just plain wrong or whining. I hate these "Apple is a monopoly" threads for that reason.
A bit of perspective: The original genesis of is story was that anti-abortion groups (i.e., church based, religious right) were gloating that apparently Apple supported their cause by this whole "controversy" of not directing searches to abortion clinics. It appears Apple was forced to more or less defend itself and remove any association with any one political or social ideology. Check the Huffington Post. I believe that is where I saw the original story.
New Posts  All Forums: