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There's not a lot of regulation there. It's relatively easy to put up a cell site.
I don't know if this is old news or not. I've had 4G LTE with my mi-fi card in my area south of San Jose, Santa Cruz to be exact, for the better part of six months. I guess it just had not been announced. This press release is for the investors I think. Yes, I've suffered through the recent outages too.
Believe me. If the carriers could blanket the nation, even the world, with cell sites, they would. Typically city and county governments do NOT like cell sites in their right-of-way. Add the tin foil hat crowd and you have the perfect storm of resistance. It can take years before a carrier or tower company gets approval to construct a badly needed site.Another factor in play is that the carriers view the cell site as revenue source. They typically calculate how much...
It's just you. Daniel's chart is intentionally ugly because it highlights how ugly the whole process of Android and Microsoft updates is. Notice how the Apple section is smooth and easy? Just like each iOS update.
Most likely because his comments are too childish to be taken seriously by anybody.
These are just questions raised by you, concern trollish questions. You didn't poll these businesses, you didn't design the poll and you didn't tally the results.You make a lot of assumptions and suppositions, but you don't know for a fact what these businesses answered for. They said they would be buying iPads and I take them to know what they are talking about. Stupid people don't run businesses. They, by and large, know what they want and what they are going to...
Actually you don't speak for me. His commentary is flipping' hilarious, taken in the proper context, is a welcome counter to some of the Anti-apple cum Fandroids on this site. Why don't you rag on Hellafool, Slappy, and AbsoluteDesignz? Their anti-Apple attitude is just as annoying if not more so.
Dude, you're contrarianism is really really old. You're the Boy Who Cried Wolf, talking shit the whole time and the one time you might have something good to say no one will listen to you because you're always talking bullshit. As you might imagine, when I see your handle attached to a comment I just glance over it because there is nothing valuable there.
You don't rebuy tracks with "Complete My Album."
There are always termination clauses in contracts, usually with penalties. The question is whether Apple can live with the penalty or perhaps even better, negotiate new terms favorable to Apple. And I'm sure prior to the closing of the deal, Apple's legal team did their due diligence and reviewed all contractual and legal obligations of Anobit. Having been a contracts manager this is standard practice for any merger or acquisition.
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