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Flash needs to die.
Really?  Using "Look Up" on the iMac yields the following:  impactful |imˈpaktfəl| adjectivehaving a major impact or effect: an eye-catching and impactful design.
Yeah, we really don't need to rehash Microsoft's enforced monopoly and Apple's bad management all over again do we?  I mean, that's pretty much what it was. At least now I choose to be a slave to Steve's vision.  If it's not one thing it's another.  As consumers in a capitalistic society, that's what we do.  I'm glad you pointed that out.
I did...in addition to all of the other Apple products that I am satisfied with!
Yeah that too!We had the double whammy of the Apple commercial and the game! Win-win for the fans both!
Having been a slave to the Microsoft ecosystem for 20 years, personally I'm glad to be free of it. That makes all the difference in my iPad, my iPhone, my MacBook Pro, and my iMac all of which I use in my personal creative life and for my business.
Yeah, whatever dude.I'm not going to list all the different ways I use my iPad in "creative ways" or for my business. It's not any of your business how I use it. Just take the statement for what it is bro and let it go.
I saw this ad during the 49er/Panther game. It was breathtaking and awesome to watch. Make me proud to be an iPad owner and meet me wish I had an iPad air too. Freaking Apple! They just bowl me over with their ads and I'm a sucker for their products.
I had been using LastPass before, but it's use across devices just sucks. I have been waiting for Keychain Access patiently since it was announced and now my problem is solved. The only issue I have is that some websites block it's use. Even though you can change a setting, it still doesn't work with all sites. Like my bank site for instance. But besides that, it rocks.
Here we go again:  A bunch of armchair analysts and pundits, poking fun at Apple.  Much like the pre-jibber jabber about the iPhone (It will fail!  Apple make an iPhone?!  Pfft, yeah right!), the iPad (what a name!  iPad!  It'll fall flat on its face).  I trust that Apple will get this right too.   I have to believe that this was one of the products that Steve left in the pipeline.  Trust in Jony!
New Posts  All Forums: