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 That "leaking" is how they generate interest in the product to begin with.  Springing an untested product on the market after millions of dollars spent on R&D is not the way to go.  Because you never know if they will fail or succeed. Why do you think Microsoft, Samsung and the rest have copied Apple on a number of products?  They let Apple do the R&D for them.  Besides, they're not really leaks anyway.  They are controlled "messages" meant to give a taste of what's to...
Knock yourself out buddy. I don't think anybody cares.
I am curious. When those of you who say it was "bricked" tried to update and it failed, what exactly happened? Did the update not complete all the way? Did it just hang during the process and never progress? Did it die halfway through and then render your AppleTV unusable? Not sure what you mean by "bricked". My experience was that the first two thirds of the download happened in about five minutes and then for about 10 minutes it downloaded slowly but steadily (while I...
At first I kept getting the "Error downloading" message until it finally took.  Downloading, preparing the update, and actual installation all took about an hour and a quarter.     Just beginning the fun now.
I can't even remember the last time I turned on my PlayStation 3.
Meh, I'll believe it when the quarterly numbers come out. Until then this is just a lot of marketing bluster. These baseless statements are "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Shakespeare, Macbeth.
Siri rocks! However, I have found that I must speak slowly and enunciate each word. But it's less annoying than trying to type either on my iPhone or my iPad. Siri has become indispensable. Its use has become unconscious.
Waze has been acting whacked lately. It gives a route that is about 20-30 minutes longer than my regular route. Cross checking traffic on my regular route shows no delays. So I am at a loss to understand why Waze routes me around the long way as opposed to the shortest more efficient way.
The data is nice to have again, but the interface blows.  I'll stick to Apple Maps.  The only thing I ever really missed was StreetView and like many others, if I need it, I'll go there for that one time.  
  This has to be the funniest thing I've read in a long time.  I mean, seeing homeless people makes me sick with sadness, seeing people living in squalor, reading about pedophiles and watching FOX News makes me sick.  But looking at an icon on the iPhone?  Dude, get a life, either that or get an Android phone.
New Posts  All Forums: