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It's too late for that now. I think it's all but assumed today that Apple will release a tablet. If not, their stock price will nosedive and that is far more significant than throwing egg on SB's face.
Touch a link on the iPhone and hold for about 2 seconds and you get choices. Touch on the MB and MBP gives you many, many options for 1, 2 or 3 fingers.
I don't know. Everytime I see a phone with the green and red menu buttons or the trackball, or a chiclet style keyboard it feels old and clunky to me. Apart from being a novelty, multi-touch offers choices right in front of you and quicker navigation. I see that being the new norm.
When I finally returned to Mac this year, I went wholesale. I bought the family pack of iLife for both the iMac and MBP. I use Pages fairly extensively, Numbers a bit less and haven't had occasion to use Keynote yet. Quite honestly, as long as there is compatibility with opening Word and Excel docs, I'll stick with iLife and beyond. I'm happy with both and don't miss MS products. I use the Wintel setup at work anyway. We, at work, also began using FileMaker, mostly...
Conjecture. Prove it.
I really only watch one show, "Mad Men". I can buy a whole season on iTunes for appr. $36, which is half of my monthly cable bill. If I dump cable, pay for my one show, and an occasional movie, I'm coming out WAY ahead. Except that I haven't figured out what to do about sports. I guess I can BootCamp to XP and watch it from there. I get local news from the internet anyway. For whatever reason, the content of TV broadcasts, including regular programming and commercials...
I didn't get the upgrade for the 3GS. They wouldn't let me until Mar 2010. This will force me to wait for the new model in summer at hopefully an upgrade price!
Maybe it's a business call and you need access to e-mail or the internet to have information on hand when having a call? That's been my experience.
Not true in the SF Bay Area. Simulataneous voice/data rocks here. I've never had a problem with it.
Sorry. Smoking is not perfectly legal in California. You can't smoke in bars and restaurants. Second hand smoke affects the workers who have to work there. In my fair town of Santa Cruz, you can't smoke on Pacific Avenue nor can you smoke on the city owned beaches. All related to the hazards of second hand smoke. Yes, it has been banned in certain areas.
New Posts  All Forums: