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I really only watch one show, "Mad Men". I can buy a whole season on iTunes for appr. $36, which is half of my monthly cable bill. If I dump cable, pay for my one show, and an occasional movie, I'm coming out WAY ahead. Except that I haven't figured out what to do about sports. I guess I can BootCamp to XP and watch it from there. I get local news from the internet anyway. For whatever reason, the content of TV broadcasts, including regular programming and commercials...
I didn't get the upgrade for the 3GS. They wouldn't let me until Mar 2010. This will force me to wait for the new model in summer at hopefully an upgrade price!
Maybe it's a business call and you need access to e-mail or the internet to have information on hand when having a call? That's been my experience.
Not true in the SF Bay Area. Simulataneous voice/data rocks here. I've never had a problem with it.
Sorry. Smoking is not perfectly legal in California. You can't smoke in bars and restaurants. Second hand smoke affects the workers who have to work there. In my fair town of Santa Cruz, you can't smoke on Pacific Avenue nor can you smoke on the city owned beaches. All related to the hazards of second hand smoke. Yes, it has been banned in certain areas.
You sound as though you work in the industry, as do I. Yes, the main problem with any carrier opening new areas to coverage is the political/legal quagmire as you say. Cities and counties just don't want cell sites in their backyards. They are very NIMBY. But they want the coverage, and then you have private citizens that fearmonger against cancer, birth defects, etc. It's tough going to get a cell site permitted. I roll my eyes when I hear the ignorant fools here...
Unless you're an RF engineer, probably not. If the service is fast enough where you don't complain, what's the difference? Coverage in the SFBA and the Monterey Bay Area is excellent as far as I'm concerned and I get around a lot. I get great coverage in dense areas of the Silicon Valley, great coverage in the mountains and great coverage in SF proper. The only real area where I've had a problem since 1989 would be Highway 1 between Santa Cruz and Pacifica, which is...
I sure hope you pressed charges against that guy that held a gun to your head and made you buy the iPhone.
You're funny. You get all jacked up and accuse people of calling you names, and then you turn around and call satisfied Apple customers "fanboys/fanbois, etc." Does that mean we can call you all variations of your moniker and you won't complain?
Can we focus on the content of the article and not your personal vendetta against Dan?
New Posts  All Forums: