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Agreed. Apple's kicking ass right now, from a business perspective. Despite the little nit-picky astroturf issues people come up with about Apple's products (no flash, changeable battery, glossy screen, blah, blah, blah, ad nauseum), Apple's products are selling and people are happy with them. Can't wait to see what the tablet is all about. Will I get one? Hmm . . . As far as Nokia is concerned, they're a dinosaur and need to either evolve or get buried in muck with...
Hmm, funny. You don't offer how to make it better. You throw lame, vague comments about editing in there. Edit where? Hmm?
Try to stay on topic guy. Editorializing about Prince's columns lame. Offer a counter viewpoint, perhaps or maybe you just like to bitch.
This is what I love about Apple. They don't talk "vapor" and not deliver. Their marketing/hype machine is getting word out about the new, cool, hip device that you HAVE to have and then they deliver! Sure you waited on the kindle and other readers, but the new Apple product will be more than worth the wait. You can almost bet on it.
It's too late for that now. I think it's all but assumed today that Apple will release a tablet. If not, their stock price will nosedive and that is far more significant than throwing egg on SB's face.
Touch a link on the iPhone and hold for about 2 seconds and you get choices. Touch on the MB and MBP gives you many, many options for 1, 2 or 3 fingers.
I don't know. Everytime I see a phone with the green and red menu buttons or the trackball, or a chiclet style keyboard it feels old and clunky to me. Apart from being a novelty, multi-touch offers choices right in front of you and quicker navigation. I see that being the new norm.
When I finally returned to Mac this year, I went wholesale. I bought the family pack of iLife for both the iMac and MBP. I use Pages fairly extensively, Numbers a bit less and haven't had occasion to use Keynote yet. Quite honestly, as long as there is compatibility with opening Word and Excel docs, I'll stick with iLife and beyond. I'm happy with both and don't miss MS products. I use the Wintel setup at work anyway. We, at work, also began using FileMaker, mostly...
Conjecture. Prove it.
I really only watch one show, "Mad Men". I can buy a whole season on iTunes for appr. $36, which is half of my monthly cable bill. If I dump cable, pay for my one show, and an occasional movie, I'm coming out WAY ahead. Except that I haven't figured out what to do about sports. I guess I can BootCamp to XP and watch it from there. I get local news from the internet anyway. For whatever reason, the content of TV broadcasts, including regular programming and commercials...
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