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No need for Sinofsky.  Apple has Jony Ive, who could fart a grand design better than Sinofsky could ever dream of one.
I was just going to say that.  Microsoft is figuratively skating to where the puck has been, not to where it will be.  Apple is about to kick it in another gear with the release of the Mini.  I say it will take all of the oxygen out of Microsoft's fire (well, except for the typical Microsoft fans who are just as rabid as us fanboys.)
But, but, but . . . Apple Maps suuuucccks . . . and, and, and, nobody's supposed to buy the iPhone or upgrade iOS because, because, because . . . Apple Maps suuuccks!   . . . and, and, and, nobody's going to want to spend money for a new cable or adapter, and, and, and,  MOMMMMYYY!!!!
It sounds like you're getting the idea you're in the wrong place.  This forum is called APPLEInsider.  Not Ars or CNET.  We are Apple fans here, for the most part.  You're going to get blasted for bringing your pro-Fandroid, Anti-Apple blather.  It's the Apple 'hood, don't you know?
Please, please, please people, resist the urge to respond to the trolls to "one up" them.  Every response is another yank away from the greatness and awesomeness that was and is Steve Jobs.     Ignore the fools and instead comment on what "insanely great" products Steve brought us.  Comment on how they may have changed your lives.  Tell us what you thought when he held up iPhone and iPad and introduced them to the world.     I cut my teeth on a Macintosh Plus...
Isaacson captured Steve's toying with the idea of "Macintosh in a book" in the bio. Not sure why its a big deal now. I'm not sure "predict" is the right term. Steve clearly had the ideas in his head for such products. He had to wait for technology to catch up to his vision.
Sure they do. A hampered and lame app without turn-by-turn navigation right?
Please tell us how Google's maps is so much better than iOS apps is now. Because other than Streetview I'm not seeing it. Even then Streetview was a pain in the ass to use on iOS 5 and lower anyway. So it doesn't really matter as far as I'm concerned. But that's just me.
I only have my experience to go from. I'm not concerned with meta-analysis. So far my experience has been that Apple maps has been pretty good. Turn by turn navigation and basically the same features without Street view makes Apple's map product a win for me.I thought I would miss SigAlert features, but that is not a dealbreaker for me. It has some more accurate information about traffic though, even without the pretty colors.I travel extensively in the SF BA and haven't...
New Posts  All Forums: