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It's funny. I was just talking with my fellow iPhone users at work and we're all more than satisfied with the device. Call us "fanboys" or whatever, but none of us can think of a device we've had recently that fits the bill so perfectly, even without the whiny requirements that DaHarder wants. The iPhone IS state of the art. If not, what is? Offer us a few others that are more so?
Boy, that didn't take too long. What? 2-3 posts in and you win the award for the first whiner!
Looks like you should go back to high school to learn how to read then.
Yeah, that's about right. I agree with almost everything except the part about switching. Been a satisfied customer of AT&T for 10 years. I have no reason to switch. Coverage in the SFBA is excellent.
I find it interesting that Apple, for the most part, doesn't engage in name calling and bashing of MS. I can't recall SJ or PS or any execs going off like this. I don't believe the commercials count, because they are for the most part true. What I like about Apple is that they keep their nose to the grindstone, make great products and let us, the happy consumers do the talking with our cash. Ballmer is scared, period. MS's strategy was alway copy/kill, push...
It seems most of you are missing the point here. Apple would rather you sync your shiny brand new iPhone or iTouch with the media you buy. The margin on those two items is far greater than the media they sell. Plus, if you buy either, you're still going to have to buy your media through iTunes. That's Apple's win-win scenario. And that's Business! If you buy a Pre and sync it with itunes, they lose profit on the iPhone and the iTouch, and make a meager profit on the...
Slowly weaning myself from MS-Office. I like Pages and slowly getting used to Numbers. Haven't used Keynote yet, but haven't had occasion to. Overall I'm glad I made the switch.
Or another way to look at it would be 2 BILLION apps sold, in spite of their supposed defective and f'd up approval process. In another words, it doesn't seem to be a problem for Apple or their customers.
I wonder of the same 'softie trolls will come out for this article too. You know, the ones who had less than 5 posts and were probably paid by Microsoft to spew their talking points here?
Alas, your idea makes sense, but the issue with putting cell sites in places like this is usually local governments and citizens. No one wants a cell tower in their backyard, but they want the coverage. Putting a cell site nearby an interstate requires the cooperation of the landowner, the local government and the carrier. It's not an easy dance, as I have been in the industry for about 5 years and we have a devil of a time putting these up where people want them. ...
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