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Coverage in the SF Bay Area is just fine. I have never had a problem the whole time I've been with Cingular/AT&T. If and when the iPhone goes to Verizon, I say bring it on. The more whiners that jump to that network and drag down Verizon's quality, the better AT&T's service gets. Personally I can't wait.
Huh. I didn't have this happen to mine. This latest one was the first for me.
I pretty much did the same thing. Bought the 40, sync only movies to it. Music comes out of the iMac. Cable bill is down to minimum. Haven't set foot in a video store in years (not since Blockbuster offered to take me to collections for a $10 late fee). Don't miss it that much. Since I'm fairly active with work and play, I don't have much time to geek around with kluged together setups. Apple TV serves our needs and we're happy with it. As for the latest "crisis",...
My cat uses it to warm up her paws.
Count me in as a satisfied customer. I have been waiting for the Internet Radio and love it. Love the new interface. The Remote update to the iPhone/iPod Touch absolutely rocks with search with keyboard. Most excellent job Apple!
No, I'm a psychotherapist. But I grew up in the '80's and could probably quote quite a few!
His quotes and handle are from "Sixteen Candles", directed by . . . John Hughes (RIP).
Have fun! 30 million of us are pretty happy with the iPhone.
I dunno . . . my two Macs were part of the 3M sold this past quarter. After being a "loyal" (read: captured) XP user, I made the shift even before W7 (didn't even bother with Vista). Had no faith in MS, no desire to continue to support the monopoly and went back to my roots and have been quite a satisfied customer. Overpriced? That's for us consumers to decide and 3M of us were quite happy to pay what we paid for a quality machine. Call me a fanboy, I could care less.
The idea is 2001. The point made is that MS is about 8 years behind and copying Apple still. Think of it as the start to the Kentucky Derby. Apple left the gate when the gun went off. MS had to wait and see if it was a good idea to race and then took off 8 years later.
New Posts  All Forums: