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Slowly weaning myself from MS-Office. I like Pages and slowly getting used to Numbers. Haven't used Keynote yet, but haven't had occasion to. Overall I'm glad I made the switch.
Or another way to look at it would be 2 BILLION apps sold, in spite of their supposed defective and f'd up approval process. In another words, it doesn't seem to be a problem for Apple or their customers.
I wonder of the same 'softie trolls will come out for this article too. You know, the ones who had less than 5 posts and were probably paid by Microsoft to spew their talking points here?
Alas, your idea makes sense, but the issue with putting cell sites in places like this is usually local governments and citizens. No one wants a cell tower in their backyard, but they want the coverage. Putting a cell site nearby an interstate requires the cooperation of the landowner, the local government and the carrier. It's not an easy dance, as I have been in the industry for about 5 years and we have a devil of a time putting these up where people want them. ...
iPhone on AT&T working swimmingly here in the SF Bay Area. Not many dropped calls, if any, and great download speed. I've been happy since day one and have no desire to switch. At my work place, I've seen the iPhone adapted by many coworkers and probably 1 in about 30 has a grip about AT&T. Just about anybody I talk to who has one loves it and can't consider life before it. It's that much of a game changer.
Arguing revisionist history now doesn't mean Verizon will get the phone in the near future, or even at all. Your comment makes no sense. Verizon had their chance and blew it when they tried to dictate to Steve what it should be (red and green buttons anyone?). We should all be thanking AT&T for having the foresight to let Apple do what it does best, and delivering the most kick-ass product to come along in a long time.
Great! With more whiners like you flying to Verizon's arms (where you will be similarly disappointed because NOBODY announced the iPhone is going there), reception on the AT&T network will improve immensely. So please, leave, by all means.
Having worked in the industry, it's not technobabble, but actual technical work that needs to be done to optimize the network for the huge load. Go to college, get a degree in RF Engineering, then work in the industry before you make another comment that removes all doubt you are a fool.
Just thought I'd be contrarian and add that I've never had a problem with AT&T here in the SF Bay Area. The iPhone experience has been a love affair since day one and have never thought about changing. If you're gullible that's on you. I waited until 3G was up and running in my area BEFORE I bought the phone. The only downside was that I'm not eligible for the 3GS upgrade until March, but at least I can't cry I'm gullible. With so many of you whiny babies claiming...
I, for one, am glad that I waited and purchased my iMac (with an education discount). I only have to buy software for the Mac like, Acrobat, FileMaker and maybe MS-Office, and I can do away with the Virtual Machine and go OSX totally. I see great value in the future for my iMac, after having been a Windows guy for the better part of 20 years.
New Posts  All Forums: