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digitalclips said: Let's hear all the reasons Apple haters said this would fail ...?   There's only one reason really:  They're haters.
Uh oh, you know what this means. Apple intentionally shorted the inventory so that they could make this claim. /s
There is way, way too much white for this theme.  I loved the gray of the previous one because it was much easier on the eyes.  I am a daily lurker of this website and an occasional poster in the forums but with this theme, I'll be curtailing my viewing time.  It isn't worth it.
That speech brings a tear to my eye every time I see it. By the way, I don't like the new theme. The cool gray of the prior theme was much easier on the eyes. The all white screen is too much to bear. There isn't enough to break it up.
    Well said Apple ][.  I couldn't have said it better.
Bwahahaha! So this is the marketing push we can expect from MS? I'll wait until you sell 30 million before I believe you!
Assuming you're talking about the Connery and Moore iterations of James Bond, he got them all. Even Blofeld (For Your Eyes Only.). btw Dr. Evil was Austin Powers' menace (and 10x funnier).
That's why Siri is said to still be in beta. Dictated flawlessly on an iPad.
Somehow when I look at this thing, I don't see a whole of market testing or industrial design testing.  It's just a bunch of ideas thrown at a concept.     A kickstand?  Really?  How many different vendors make a case with a portable keyboard for the iPad?     And I have to say it one more time because it's glaringly obvious: With no battery life statement, no pricing structure and no release date, this smacks of vaporware.  For all of you who say you might buy...
That was clearly obvious during the iPhone 4S announcement. Those guys were really off their game and clearly grieving because they knew Steve was going.
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