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Assuming you're talking about the Connery and Moore iterations of James Bond, he got them all. Even Blofeld (For Your Eyes Only.). btw Dr. Evil was Austin Powers' menace (and 10x funnier).
That's why Siri is said to still be in beta. Dictated flawlessly on an iPad.
Somehow when I look at this thing, I don't see a whole of market testing or industrial design testing.  It's just a bunch of ideas thrown at a concept.     A kickstand?  Really?  How many different vendors make a case with a portable keyboard for the iPad?     And I have to say it one more time because it's glaringly obvious: With no battery life statement, no pricing structure and no release date, this smacks of vaporware.  For all of you who say you might buy...
That was clearly obvious during the iPhone 4S announcement. Those guys were really off their game and clearly grieving because they knew Steve was going.
Pardon me for pointing out that RIM has nobody near the kind of person at the helm as Steve Jobs, not in vision, charisma or sheer determination to be successful. Good luck because that's what it will take for RIM to rebound.
"Lower price points", that's a joke. They are selling at a lower price point because they are limited devices. The may gain market share but they will not gain profit. Apple has this whole thing figured out and is destroying the competition either way.
Most of you are ragging on the City of Austin as screwing up this deal. But it is not the City that is the problem. It is Travis County. Most likely the County wants its palms greased a little bit more.
I guess I would give your post some validity if I knew that A) you were a health professional; B) that you had given TC A thorough examination; and C) you weren't making some wild observation based on one photo. You sound like a troll.
Why all the hate on Tim? Steve hand picked him after years of observation (so as not to repeat the Sculley mistake). Steve entrusted the company to him when he was sick in 2011 and by all measures Tim Cook has done well. Future innovation? That remains to be seen of course. But bear in mind, not everything Steve touched turned to gold. There were missteps and misfires with him too. Concern trolls gotta be concerned I guess.
Despite what Anandtech and CR reported, I would rather go with what public opinion was and not measured by "squeaky wheels who get the grease" in the media. About how many phones were returned because of the antenna issue? 98%? 99%? 100?% Not even close, because it wasn't that big of an issue. There may have been a measurable issue with the antenna, but the consumers who bought it and use it on a daily basis, for the most part had no problem with it.
New Posts  All Forums: