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So here we are again. The obligatory faux crises are back. Let's see we have overheated-battery-gate and now wifi gate. Still trying to knock the wind out of Appe's sales. And as before, nothing will. For the record, I have had mine since Sunday and have had zero problems other than that it has taken a lot of my time. Certainly more so than the iPad2. By the way love the voice dictation now. Have dictated this entire message. Too cool!
Some guy at Slashgear went off on the notion that he could ever give up his Xbox 360 in favor of an iDevice. That no "serious" or "hardcore" gamer could either. I just think that this guy is stuck in his paradigm that he can't consider anything else. This is the kind of paradigm that Steve Jobs (RIP) loved to crush to open a new market and sell more gadgets and reap profit. Truly a way to "Think Different".
My nephew is an industrial design major at SJSU and is an Apple hater to boot. But he worships Jony Ive. In fact, I believe he said that Ive is virtually a god amongst his classmates.
I'm just curious. What about it makes it so unbearable? What has happened to you that you have to just leave? I've lived here 45 years and I still think it's a great place to live. I've changed careers and went from one field to another without much effort or hit to my bottom line. Also, can you show me a list of all these companies fleeing the state and the reasons for it? I'm just curious.
Probably not. It's going to suck (all the battery life, I mean). Apple will launch a product that will be a battery hog and watch their sales hit the floor. Seriously, though, I think I'll skip the hype this go-'round. I did it last year and it was a headache. I'll wait a month or two before I even consider buying one. Not that I don't want one, mind you. Just don't want to be a part of the frenzy this year.
I'd be wary of talking in absolutes here. Apple could always implement some sort of education pricing as they have in the past. Probably when they've cornered the market and can be reasonably assured of still turning a profit and not taking too big a hit on the bottom line.
My nephew works for Best Buy. They were told to clear the shelves by the 7th of March to make way for a new Apple product. The iPad 2 is on Craigslist tonight. Hopefully I can find some sucker to pay me close to what I paid for it so I can turn around a get an iPad 3.
Dear Steve, At a time when I really need to believe in myself, I am able to re-watch the Stanford speech again and gain inspiration from you. I have before me two paths to take, one is safe and easy, comfortable and secure, but boring, and, in the end, not fulfilling. The other is fraught with risk, fear of the unknown, uncertainty, and ultimately, could yield the greatest spiritual and financial reward. Not to mention the intellecutal challenge. After having...
Eh, this is a big yawn for me. I've gone this far without it. I don't perceive the need for it now. I grant that others will use it though. One thing though. I don't believe that Apple will allow Skybox hooks. Because essentially you will have MS using the iPad as the tablet they always wanted to be and knocking iCloud back. Apple won't hamper their own ecosystem by enabling someone else's.
Dem's da rulez. Ya wanna play in Apple's sandbox ya gotta pay Apple. Just like everbbody else.
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