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It was a hit piece, plain and simple. Apple's earnings were through the roof and the story was waiting in the wings until after the quarterly report. Don't know who is behind a lot of these auspiciously timed "news" stories about Apple, but they always seem to hit when Apple is at a peak. Are people wanting to short the stock that badly?
I was at the NFC Championship game between the 49ers and the Giants and I swear I saw pretty much that everybody had an iPhone of some sort or another. Maybe a small few of Android phones and even more slide-out keyboard phone thingies.
Poor Laurene. She still looks sad.
Yeah, there was that part where the former workers for Apple said something to the effect that Steve pushed them hard, but also instilled a great sense of pride and accomplishment in their work and that was something they wouldn't trade for the world.
Android maintain the lead in what? Profits?
Just because I'm reading this section in Isaccson's book now, I have to chime in. I'm relying on Isaccson's journalistic integrity and he quite clearly states that Scully said he wanted Jobs out. Steve was given an office on the outskirts of the campus and he was stripped of all power and responsibilities. He was made into a "chairman" with no power. That came about because of the collusion of the board and Sculley. As everyone else here stated previously, he's...
Technically that's true, but there are many, many lawsuits out here for "wrongful termination", even though it's an "at-will" state, which indicates "at-will" isn't as cut and dried as many would like to believe.
Speculation and conjecture sure are fun eh? Nobody knows how these new practices are going to affect Apple's bottom line. FUD.
At the risk of sounding pompous, I've always prided myself in knowing more than the knuckleheads at Fry's or even the Apple Store. It's thanks to sites like these and detailed Internet searching that i can be more knowledgeable than they. Now if it's about their inventory or store processes, obviously I can't know that.
You're an Apple contrarian. Of course you're going to say this.
New Posts  All Forums: