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There's this weightlifting program I do called Stronglifts 5x5 and they recently came out with a kick-ass app to help you track reps and sets, plus break times and it logs everything. Dude came out and said, flat out, that he won't be doing an Android app due to fragmentation. Has no desire to be in the app business other than to support his workout plan with the best platform out there (OK that last part of the comment was mine). Ouch!!
Dude, you should change your handle to "Slap Me", considering how much abuse you have taken and how much more you will be handed as a result of being a troll.
F'in A.
Hey Absolute? This is an Apple fan site. People are going to cheer and celebrate Apple and bash, rag on, ridicule, make fun of, etc. anything not Apple. It's the one place where we, the faithful, can be with people who are like-minded so we can revel in Apple's success and discuss issues as they pertain to Apple's success (and failures). We don't have to be fair or two-sided, or even mature. Do you know why? Because just about everywhere you turn; you'll see the...
I disagree. Microsoft needs to change it's name period. People don't like Microsoft. I never used one, but people have said that the Zune was a far superior product to the iPod. But it crashed and burned to the point of disintegration. Why? Certainly not because it was a Windows Music Player. Because it was perpetuated by Microsoft, I think. That and their lame marketing strategy and that name!! Zune. Microsoft is identified as the big behemoth that had to crap...
... and don't forget those lame-ass commercials too!
What I find interesting is that both Samsung and Motorola have no other recourse in their patent war with Apple other than to throw the FRAND patent strategy on the wall to see if it sticks. They don't have anything else against Apple that they have to use patents that are considered industry standard and essential use? Losers.
So it's not OK for someone to call someone a Loser, because that means they are immature and could mean they're narcissist, but it's OK for you to call that person a teenager. Got it. How is that any different? Should I consider you a narcissist for having slung a childish insult back?
In order for Microsoft to make a comeback, they'll need to rebirth themselves into another company. A whole sale reorganization at the highest levels with new ideas people is going to the only thing that brings it back. As you said, Apple controls the game at this point. Ballmer's strategy is: copy Apple, make a few things different, beat our chest, fail. He has no idea that in order to beat Apple, he's going to have to create his own markets with new products, not...
That's not entirely true. There are a handful of celebrities who try to use their celebrity to make a corner of the world better (Clooney, Penn, Jolie and Pitt, Cheadle. Elton John. Hell even Jennifer Hudson and Charles Barkley doing Weight Watchers I would count as calling out obesity and trying to influence others to pay attention to their weight and health.) Their causes may not be your cup of tea but they're doing it.
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