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I 4 one welcome this.  I have noticed the existing microphone isn't so good.  I had to buy Bose ear buds.  They have better sound canceling tech.
Breakable. Can you return policy thousands of times as a service rep? How does it feel.
A guitar with an iPhone dock.  Recessed so the phone can sit secure.  Then you can have the screen as an interface for controlling the effects of the guitar.  Connecting to the box displayed here.
My big 2007 8 Core Mac Pro won't even run Mountain Lion.  I love this machine and was so proud to have such a wonderful powerhouse.  Now it is dying.  Apple helped me with that.  Eventually Lion will be so obsolete that I won't be able to use the internet.  Sucks.   I am gonna buy another Mac Pro Box.  One that will run Mavericks.  I plan to not buy the new Mac Pro Model.  I think the solid state drives are not far enough along to meet the storage demands I like.  The...
Well…  Maybe I have a fashion queen at home who really requires everything have an intellectually fashionable purpose and this thing sitting some where will look like a fashionable disaster to her.  She oozes fashion.  She is the design queen.  I am the couch mover.  :-/
Ugliest thing I ever saw.  Think I will buy 4.  I can't wait to spray paint it yellow and green for Oregon Ducks.     Oh?!     Do I hear plethora'l thoughts coming my way in a intellectually orchestrated and punctually designed metaphorical retort?   Oregon Ducks are a good team.  Okay lets hear it.  
Talent goes where genius can fellowship.
Immagine.  John Lennon.
Plethora, anxiety or the vanity version of cartel browsing.
A new concept for online dating.  Imagine the possibilities?
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