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Fingers in ears and tra la la.
Doesn't Apple have assembly or manufacturing plants there?  Does the government think they have Apple over a barrel?  There are plenty of other countries who would love the opportunity for a huge corporation to come in and setup shop.
As if this will matter when Apple becomes #1 later this year.
iWatch the new iPhone Mini.
Hmm.  I guess there are children at risk of sticking their hands in MacPro Fan Blades then?  Maybe the fan blades are to loud?  Maybe what?
And Apple has the money.  They aren't going any where.  I honestly think Sammy is gonna lose.  But like you said they are enjoying the profits during this whole process.
Makes sense that cell manufacturers would copy an original.
Staples.  LOL.
Lol.  Your humor cracks me up.  Now I have to get some super glue.
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