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Cooke handing out iPad mini's and energy bars as the representatives enter the auditorium.
THANK GOD!!!!!!!!  My battery has been crap since the update.
Obviously Australia has the idea they are getting shafted.  Digital software shouldn't cost more in comparison to the US or EU.
Maybe in concrete buildings.
So help you God?  So help us Jobs, um ah God.
We are not allowed to take pictures of our federal facility.  Even if we are off base and still in an official capacity we cannot take pictures of each other without consent of the person we are photographing.  So an iPad with a camera makes the chance of a violation of federal law highly likely.
Maybe ACE hardware will but up the handsets?  They can use then as selling points to get customers to come into the store and buy stuff.  Buy a cordless drill and get a blackberry.  Woo hoo.
Wonder if we are seeing a collation between usage of hardware power (cell hardware such as 4GLTE) to battery technology vs thinness?  The thinner the battery the less capacity it has for its size (footprint) in the phone.
It was actually an iPhone with a blackberry skin and hacked to run the new non apple os.  It was a result of tards trying to play genius.  Kinda like Iran and its stealth fighter.
LG represents failure.
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