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iPhone 6 with 6" screen.  iPhone 7 with 7" screen.  iPhone 8 and so on.
How about some of the heavy hitters.  BF3 and Medal of Honor.
I love the MacPro.  My 2007 8 core model is still a powerhouse.  A new model or design would be great.  Can't wait to see it.
Requirements.  Effectively present ones self as a genius, producing genius level product, making millions for a mega tech company.  Must have short hair, take baths regularly, eat energy bars, give presentations in suggested clothing, smile all the time and never present ones self as a loser at any time.
iPhone 5, Apple used in-cell touch panel technology to bring the phone's depth down to 7.6 millimeters.  How thin is thin enough?  Next thing we will hear is future iPhones breaking because they are to thin.
If Apple came out with a larger screen on an iPone it would not be a selling point for me.  I am happy with my 4s.
Maybe Microsoft should buy the company and then require an activation PC key for all the Computers sold.  Not a CD Key but a PC key.  That way they can dominate people even more with their product!!!  Mean while Dell would die the death it deserved.
It's becoming clear that your privacy and rights to ownership are ever increasingly being taken away.
I could see this being adapted in some perverted way by the Taliban.  Insert sarcasm  riiiiiight HERE>
Apple has way less adds than before.  I liked it when Apple was trying.  Remember the Im a pc am a mac adds.  Thats back when Apple was trying harder.  Now they are just merely coasting along on the wake of Steve Jobs.
New Posts  All Forums: