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Help!  I can't decide.  Should I buy Microsoft Office 365 or just download Open Office and load my documents to iCloud?  Hmm.  100 dollars a year for Microsoft and zero for open office.  Hmm.  Screw Microsoft.
Pornandchicken chicken.  A popular dish in China.  Served with an asian KY sauce.
LG Sucks.
Maybe that money the retailers got from sammy is paying off.  Next thing you will see is North Korea recommending Samsung knock offs to the People of NK.
I can see an iPad with 128GB being they are sued for work and education.  Makes sense.  On an iPhone, I would think it would be more of a luxury.
Wonder.  The largest holders of those shares being Korean?
I think they like diversity so there is not just numbers for all devices.
You work for Apple?  No you don't.  One man rules the world.  I'm right every one else is wrong because my logic is faultless.
Seems like every one knew this was gonna happen. Honestly. the only contribution this movie has made is it employed people so they could pay their bills. The movie itself is a joke and ashton is not good at playing the role. This will definitely make the Apple haters laugh at all the Apple lovers.
Telecoms throwing money at the lawmakers to get what they want.
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