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I need a 1100 microfarad capacitor at 25 volts.  Huh?  Bad Boys rape our young girls but violet gives willingly.  HUH!!?!?!?!?!?
Now if they can make an interface for stupid people. Like the ones that can't drive.
The year is?  An option of a large screen TV iPhone you carry around in a shopping cart can be yours.  It is covered in your own skin so you can say you have an implant.
2034 Apple announces the new iPhone 18Cr.  Size of a dime and fits in the frontal lobe.  Apple says it won't cook your brain.  You can do all your information via thought and see everything via daytime illusions when your eye lids are closed.
Maybe in 100 years it will retro? Maybe it will be buried and late lets say 500 years, dug up by a farmer and used as an idol, kinda like 2001 space odyssey?
Windows has been over priced since windows Vista.  It is about time.  Maybe Microsoft is finally getting it.  Apple gives it's operating system away with any new mac and all upgrades are free.  Maybe Microsoft is getting the hint.
awesome!!  Maybe a collectors item some day?  Like in about 50 years?
I think Apple knew this.  Anticipated it.  I would think there are other plans and will be revealed in 2014 or 15.  We will see.
I am buying a pair.  Gonna use them when I mountain bike.  They are sick.
Cant wait.  I have all the games.  They rock.  Stellaaaa!
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