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Spray Paint?
And the Apple Television?  Really how pathetic.
Nice.  All we need is Connect module.
Uhuh.  Won't be buying one.  The iPhone shots they are using are lowest quality poorest shots they could make.  No won't be getting one.
Sprint. Virgin. Same crap different device.
Whoa whoa whoa.  This is too much and way over rated.  Why would some one want to have such a device.  Actually watching programing for free?  Who ever thought o such a stupid idea?   On the other hand I love my Apple TV.  It is really awesome.
Apple TV is old.  Apple Television should be out already.  But no it wont.  By the time they release it it will be old news.  If Steve was around it would have already been released.
Sell all stock from all execs and give it all to the developers.  See what happens.
Silicon, Silicone rubber?  Rubber rubber, rubber?
New Posts  All Forums: