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Yes but an Apple iPhone would shut down the entire building.  LOL.
Oceans 13?  But better.
The end of the world is coming soon.  What are they thinking?  Every one sell your houses and live n data centers.  Quick the mainframe will shield you from the icky stuff.
Blackberry cobbler any one?  Oh wait the berries have gone rotten.  Crap maybe we need some Ice cream sandwiches?
Wow.  Torrent worthy.
Sprint.  Monkeys running a banana tree of a company.
I got a prototype of this unit and when I picked it up by the corner the screen busted and the back fell off.
Sprint needs to be totally disassembled  Remember short circuit.  Lol.
iPhone 5s on the way?
Look. Google is doing this on purpose. They are trying to help Apple. They feel sorry for the huge drop in Apple stock value.
New Posts  All Forums: