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Sprint.  Monkeys running a banana tree of a company.
I got a prototype of this unit and when I picked it up by the corner the screen busted and the back fell off.
Sprint needs to be totally disassembled  Remember short circuit.  Lol.
iPhone 5s on the way?
Look. Google is doing this on purpose. They are trying to help Apple. They feel sorry for the huge drop in Apple stock value.
iPhone 5 bests Samsung's Galaxy S4 in smartphone torture test   That heading sucks.  How about...    iPhone 5 wins over Samsung Galaxy S4 torture test.
Well I agree with you on Sprint and yes in LTE area where there is good coverage Sprint is great. Problem is their coverage area.  It sucks.  I am using a Virgin Mobile internet device and it is on 3G.  It uses sprint network.  The 3G usage is terrible compared to my ATT iPhone that gets way better data speeds.  I made a mistake purchasing this Virgin Mobile sprint network device.
Sprint is dead.  The once cell phone titanic is on its way to the bottom.  The other companies will scramble to save the surviving tech from it's hull and let it sink.  Yay.
I can think of one game controller apple already makes.  It has an i next to its name.
China.  The new world order.  At least in the eyes of all rich chinese politicians.
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