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For some reason I get the idea the material on this body concept is not recyclable.
A pullout trackpad that creates a cursor that tracks the screen.  Thats would be nice.  Although it would most likely run the battery down faster.
Nice.  Makes me want to get a subscription.
Is that Steve on the left?  eeehhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
4K price.  Its not gonna be a product I will buy.
Why wait till not to sue?  All these years.  Apple bought SIRI.  Why get sued for some thing you bought?
Just another way to get bribes out of Apple to shut them up.
I loved this app.  It was really useful.  I just wonder how well it will work for me now.  Sad it took them so long to get their at together.
God idea.  Maybe this will help improv Yahoo's standing in the iOS market.  Currently it suck.
New Posts  All Forums: