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My wife has gotta hear about this.
iPod Nano but as an iPhone.  Just add the cell unit with a 2mp camera and a better battery.
Wow high tech in its day.  The antenna wont fit past the cuff of the sleeve.  Most the so called high tech watches are too thick for professional use.  There is no practical use for a device in the professional corporate world.
Yes.  We have waited all these years to finally decide to sue Apple over such matters involving multiple devices.
Apple iSuit.  The new graphics suite by Apple.  Yours today for $29.99.
I would have gotten HULU Plus if they would have eliminated the adds.  I think that is what the appeal should be.  Paid services that eliminate adds.  What a concept.
I heard a term once.  FREE.  Plenty of free ones out there.  Not worth the yearly price when I can get one for free.
A car is outdated.  tires and doors and such.  How stupid.  We need Phars instead of Cars.  
Well how many people actually have a house or living quarters that this device will work well on?  Well enough.  That way this device will sell and make money for this guy.  After all it isn't an iPhone.
The Movie Studio realized the movie sucks and is trying to figure out if it is worth even sending to DVD.  LOL.   Maybe they thought giving it away on DVD with new Apple products would be helpful, but Apple declined as they thought it would actually lose sales.
New Posts  All Forums: