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I would have gotten HULU Plus if they would have eliminated the adds.  I think that is what the appeal should be.  Paid services that eliminate adds.  What a concept.
I heard a term once.  FREE.  Plenty of free ones out there.  Not worth the yearly price when I can get one for free.
A car is outdated.  tires and doors and such.  How stupid.  We need Phars instead of Cars.  
Well how many people actually have a house or living quarters that this device will work well on?  Well enough.  That way this device will sell and make money for this guy.  After all it isn't an iPhone.
The Movie Studio realized the movie sucks and is trying to figure out if it is worth even sending to DVD.  LOL.   Maybe they thought giving it away on DVD with new Apple products would be helpful, but Apple declined as they thought it would actually lose sales.
In pesos or dollars?  Maybe 100 million pesos.  Lol.
Offer to buy the name?     Maybe prefer to pay the cartels to handle the situation?  The cartels decide the laws in that country any way.
Ya think?!  I can get 10.8 to run on a PC but not on my 2007 MacPro.
Sucks.  My $4,200.00 MacPro will not run 10.8.  I was able to modify the os to run but not stable enough for every day use.  Yet the box it came in says Xeon 64 bit workstation and yet the 10.8 os requires a true 64 bit rom.  Contrary in terms.  64 bit workstation and a 32 bit rom on a $4,200.00 computer.
A non mechanical home button.  Thats the only way I see there being any kind of sensor to scan finger prints.  Dragging a finger across the home button leaves for residue between the button and the main glass that can build up and may cause issues.
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