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I wonder if the weak European Union and the state of the Euro have anything to do with this?
This is good for the market. When Apple created the iPad it made a hole. That hole is now trying to be filled with all sorts of pad devices. If the Fire takes off and gains a foothold, then I see this a good healthy competition.
I remember Apple having trouble getting enough Power PC supplied for their Computers. I remember Apple turning to Intel to supply them because they had the resources.
Not to sound rude but why did OS 9 support get removed. One would know that the wheels of progress eventually have to run over the old antiquated tech. Rosetta is such. But Snow Leopard is still a good OS and will last for quite a while.
Steve + NeXT + Apple = Good. Steve + Cancer + Limited time on earth = sadness. Steve + Apple + intense desire and drive = happy Apple Lovers.
Apple seems to be testing this so much they don't want any issues with a paid service that can backfire on them if there comes any major issues.
The new Apple TV just works. Apple has built a reputation and has been able to sell the Apple TV because of it. Other companies they never think the way Apple has. They put deadlines on the product and then hire people who think corporate minded. Really this is nothing but a joke to Apple.
So true. Apple paves the way and the others hate Apple for it.
A friend of mine bought a Sony LCD TV and hated it. From what I understand and experienced Sony likes to make their products unique and harder to adapt to any change in its environment. Such as resolution adaptation with their friggen TV's. That same friend has a Vizio LCD TV and it out performs the Sony every time. So my friend uses the Sony as a DVD player TV in his bedroom. Pretty sad. The only good thing that I see Sony producing is the PS3. Blue Ray is a mute...
Out of Kindness they may give it too him, now that he is gone. He may not have accepted it towards the end of his life. I honestly think he would have told Time magazine to give it to someone else. Why not ask steve wife. I bet she would say no.
New Posts  All Forums: