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I expect the Mac Pro to no longer exist. There will obviously always be a need for high performance computing but imagine a Mini that is 32x faster than what we have now and a giant box just isn't necessary, especially when they will have 100Gbps Thunderbolt connectors. I see the miniaturization a key to the future tech and its power. I was so amazed at how Apple has been able to miniaturize components and yet retain its CPU Power. You have to give Apple an A+ on this...
I wonder if eventually we will no longer have need for "Laptops", but we will be using Tablets or iPad's for all our computing needs. Also if we were to need any type of optical drive we could drive share with our Desktops. If we don't have a desktop we could use a means like iCloud and the App Store to use and retrieve data. Actually I like using multi gestures on my iPad and not using a track pad on my macbook pro. Where do you see this going? Will we be using...
No DVD drive is good. Everything is going either wireless or flash drive/card. Even Steve acknowledged this in an interview at D8.
Star Fleet has decided to incorporate Apple into its technological fold. We will have a party at the Mother Ship. We will keep you posted. Star Fleet out.
Ireland seems to be very much into himself. HE acts like he is an all knowing and seeing being into all our understandings. What he doesn't realize is he is imperfect and flawed like the rest of us.
And you were telling me Apple will never make a television. And I took the bait. Well this is my reply man. You take us to be stupid and you being the savant? Really we don't need to be reminded how great you are.
I don't see it as Bait. I see what I see. We will, see, if it ever comes to past.Oh wait. Apple will never make a Television. No they won't. They will have out sourced factories make it for them.You may have been predicting a television by Apple but only Steve was the one who knew of its demise. Now we have to wait and see don't we. In fact the bait is pretty nice looking from what I hear. Nice big juicy worm for the Apple. LOL.In Walter Isaacson's biography,...
What about all the rumors and talk that Steve Jobs had broke into the Apple Television. It was mentioned in the biography and by Apple Insider as well as Mac Rumors.
Thats probably why Apple has not put HuLu into the Apple TV. Even if you pay for the Premium HuLu you still get commercial breaks. A agree with you on this.
We are seeing the competitive race for content streaming in your home. I would say that Netflix better get it together because there are others working really hard to compete in this arena. Apple TV already has YouTube for free. Some of the Youtube content on Apple TV (which is free) has episodes that you can get with a membership on Netflix. Look out Netflix. Youtube, google are on the ball. You better try to stay ahead. If Apple sends an update to the Apple TV...
New Posts  All Forums: