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I wanted to start a thread to see what readers think Apple will be like in 10 years without Steve Jobs. Please bear in mind that I am not trying to find out if people think Apple is doomed or trying to see if Apple can't survive without Steve. I want to get a pulse of where Apple is gonna go with its current CEO and VP's. So let the postings begin. I am adding this into the post. Lets see what becomes of it. I predict that Apple will be strong in 10 years. I also...
Since he has been CEO Microsoft hasn't shown real promise. Windows Vista was a joke, and Windows 7 was the fix for Vista. Kinda like the Windows ME to Windows XP thing. When is Microsoft gonna get it. DLL OS is not worth it. They tried Linux os and they purposely made it flop. They could have made it work but there was no money in it. The Xbox 360 is a disaster. Red ring failures under developed to fail boxes. The Zune was a joke. now the Windows Phone and...
Here Listen to this.http://events.apple.com.edgesuite.ne...ent/index.html
Steve said Shit, fuck jack ass, kiss my ass, called people losers and so forth. Steve was a very aggressive and intimidating man when he wanted to be. Going off on a rage and firing a whole department. Now I am not trying to point out all of Steve's bad traits (to make him a bad man) but when you make him to be a loving calm mild mannered man, well that don't quite fit. He was all of them. Not just short of a monk. Really! He was very aggressive and yet he was very...
So at the celebrating Steve event they called him a revolutionist and a rebel and other things. I guess they were wrong as well?
Apple doesn't really need gurus. They need revolutionist.
I really would have liked HP to retain the Web OS. From what I understand it is the old Palm OS made for the Palm Pre. I think its good to have competition. Apple needs competition. I would have considered a Web OS Device if HP had not of discontinued it. In my opinion HP is a huge corp who looks at numbers. Its the thinking idea of "I don't want to be where the puc is, I want to be where it is gonna be.". HP didn't think where the put will be but where it is. HP...
I like Nintendo. Maybe Apple will buy them out and build a new gaming console called Apple Console or iConsole. It will sync effortlessly with your iPhone or iPad and you can....... oh just forget it. Cmon Nintendo get you head out of your ass and do something that even Steve Jobs would grin at.
On the other hand People are saying that Sprint's network isn't the most efficient. Or maybe they are saying Sprint just plain sucks! Who would wanna trust Sprint. Maybe a cockroach.
Xoom is also a money transfer company like Western Union. Wanna send money fast send it with Xoom. Ironic. Why not call the tablet Moto Pad. Hey I better copy right this name. Moto Pad ™. There. Yee haw I am gonna be rich.
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