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Here we go.  The beginning of the so called expert source of what is gonna be the next specs of the next iPhone.  Sounds good but I think I will wait for the real thing.
Pest Control one java at a time.
Can I sue Bill Gates for being too rich?
I seem to remember Apple Insider past posts mentioning Apple Television having similar type functions as this device.
Aren't we having fun calling people dub@ss here.  Makes one feel better.  I can bet others will enjoy watching some one be a total heartless moron.
Fingers in ears and tra la la.
Doesn't Apple have assembly or manufacturing plants there?  Does the government think they have Apple over a barrel?  There are plenty of other countries who would love the opportunity for a huge corporation to come in and setup shop.
As if this will matter when Apple becomes #1 later this year.
iWatch the new iPhone Mini.
New Posts  All Forums: