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iPad wanna be. You can try all you want to make an iPad clone. I would suspect that some day there will be a close success to the iPad. Its just a matter of time. Any way I love my iPad and have gotten so used to it that I have come to see it as a part of myself. I kinda tale it for granted. I have the iPad 1 and I like the feel of it better than the iPad2. The iPad 1 seems heavier and build more sturdy. I just regret it doesn't have the Camera.
Samsung, Slamslung, Slashslung, Smashslung, Scrapsung, Scrapdung, Slamdung and most of all Samscum.
Its an incredible thing. Knowing your gonna die and yet be committed to your company that you worked so hard in developing as the #1 tech industry corp in the world. I would imagine that the emotions were over whelming at times. What would you do if you knew you were gonna die. One day your eyes would shut and you would take your last breath? What would you do? On top of everything else you run a company and have control over almost every thing that happens there. I...
I know that labor costs and regulation plus taxes makes it desirable to produce these products chassis in china and other labor favorable countries. I would suspect that if the factory was in the united states this issue would not be happening. We need the jobs here in this country. Yes the cost of product would go up and the competition in this country would gain a stronger foothold. But really how much more would a MacBook Pro costs if the chassis was milled here in...
Actually SIRI is a busy girl. She would love to stay and chat but she has allot to deal with like looking in the mirror and doing her hair or doing her nails. But.... She will be there at your beckon call when you need her. Lol.
And google acts like this is some sort of fad novelty that will fade away. Wow. I really bet they wish they thought of it. Secretly they are envious. You either have it or you don't. Apple has it. Chaching.
Like Gore said. There are allot of projects in the development. I would almost bet that Steve had been involved in future i devices like iPad 3 and beyond. He would have left ideas about what to integrate into the new iPad 3 or even 4. Also ideas about what to do with iOS 6. He had at least two years to work on this and was in constant contact with the Apple team the day before he died. He set the foundation and hired the team. We get to sit back and enjoy what they...
iOS5 makes me feel warm a fuzzy inside. Google Android makes me want to go number 2. And further more why doesn't Android announce really cool updates to their devices. Really, we hear allot about Apple devices and the updates, even in mainstream news, but we don't hear about cool updates with android os. Sounds kinda boring. Remember this post talks about android but we don't hear it in the mainstream news like CNN and so on.
Kick her in the guts harry. I mean kick that bitch. Maybe she will back down and stop. A quote by Steve. Apple in 15 years, will they remember steve then like they do now?
SIRI I am your friend. No you are not. You are my lover. Siri I am not your lover I am your master. No your not. you are my daddy boy. Siri I am not your daddy boy I am your God. I can't argue with that Steve.
New Posts  All Forums: