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And google acts like this is some sort of fad novelty that will fade away. Wow. I really bet they wish they thought of it. Secretly they are envious. You either have it or you don't. Apple has it. Chaching.
Like Gore said. There are allot of projects in the development. I would almost bet that Steve had been involved in future i devices like iPad 3 and beyond. He would have left ideas about what to integrate into the new iPad 3 or even 4. Also ideas about what to do with iOS 6. He had at least two years to work on this and was in constant contact with the Apple team the day before he died. He set the foundation and hired the team. We get to sit back and enjoy what they...
iOS5 makes me feel warm a fuzzy inside. Google Android makes me want to go number 2. And further more why doesn't Android announce really cool updates to their devices. Really, we hear allot about Apple devices and the updates, even in mainstream news, but we don't hear about cool updates with android os. Sounds kinda boring. Remember this post talks about android but we don't hear it in the mainstream news like CNN and so on.
Kick her in the guts harry. I mean kick that bitch. Maybe she will back down and stop. A quote by Steve. Apple in 15 years, will they remember steve then like they do now?
SIRI I am your friend. No you are not. You are my lover. Siri I am not your lover I am your master. No your not. you are my daddy boy. Siri I am not your daddy boy I am your God. I can't argue with that Steve.
When the iPhone 4S came out I get an iPhone 3GS added to my account because it was free. I got it for my brother. I plan to upgrade to an iPhone 4S soon. The 3GS is still a nice phone. My brother likes it allot. I can understand why the 3GS would be sold out. Makes sense.
See you at the mother ship Steve.
See you at the mother ship Steve.
Ahh I think the statement made in this post by Google is so stupid. I have to make another post. It is a novelty. My God man. Thats like calling the iPhone a flash in the pan. A novelty. I can see people utilizing the iPhone 4s siri in ways that will dramatically enhance their life. I just wish I could afford one right now. I have the iPhone 4 and want this spectacular device to enhance my life. I am womanless and would love to have her (SIRI) in my life. I see...
I agree. These two companies are at odds. Why not commend Apple for the sake of be innovative. Why be negative. If these companies complemented each other there would not be such stupid statements like the one he made about communicating with your phone. I for one like the option to talk to my device. I get lonely.
New Posts  All Forums: