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So a group of people in the financial markets says Apple had a weak quarter and we are supposed to what? Cry. Apple has what 80 billion dollars in cash. Really what company has that much cash sitting around? Who gives a crap what the analyst says. Apple is strong and will remain that way because they get it. They understand what makes us tick. We love Apple because it just works so screw the analyst.
This new Samsung phone is to try and stop would be iPhone buyers. They want to try and lure the younger crowd into buying a phone that doesn't require a PC of any kind in any way. I myself like the option of syncing with a computer mainly my Mac Pro. Managing my content is really nice. But I have not heard anything about managing android phone content. And most likely Windows 8 is gonna be setup to handle that android eventually with its start screen. How boring. I...
Maybe when we get 1 billion people in America we will help Apple even more. Can Apple produce 500 million iPhones?? What would that do to the cell network over there? Although China is mostly poor having the nich in the market helps anyway.
Tim Cook to VP of Operations Jeff WIlliams. "Oh thats not good" "You still here?". VP of operations. "Im on my way to the Air Port now sir."
I gotta get one of these. Having a conversation with your phone. Actually its an AI. I like that. I have no girl friend and this would be a good substitute.
Ok so the guy has talent. Lets see what he has to offer in the next 10 years. Will him and cook get along?? We will see.
Can you say monopoly? Nice try. Can you say samsung? I knew you could. Any one care for a macintosh apple? The world loves apples. One a day keeps the teacher away.
Uhh Huh. Uhhhh HUH!. UUUHHHHHHH. HUUUUUHHH. Im smart.
I had my iPhone 4 bricked. I unplugged the sync cable and then plugged my iPhone back in and iTunes detected my phone in its state. I then ran the restore process and had to do this 5 times until Apple server was available and my iPhone 4 was successfully updated. I had an error 3200 on my iPad as well and it took about 6 tries to get it updated as well. Wow. What a process.
Why does Sprint have problems with massive customer bailing? Hmm think this has something to do with it. Sprint has a practice of causing potential customers and existing customers to run to another company. SPRINT SUCKS!!!!! AHHH THEY SUCK!!!!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: