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It was announced today that Apple APL will be working with the department of the Treasury in paying off some of the countries debt. I has been said that Steve Jobs was quoted as saying "when pigs fly". President Obama said "where?" "They can actually fly?".
Maybe Apple should have come out with two versions of Final Cut 10. The first being Final Cut Pro that is like the older version (interface familiar) and just plain Final Cut for the general consumer with the new interface. Maybe that would be the way to go. I am sure Steve has voiced his opinion to the department that came out with the 10 version.
Ok. If it's not broken don't fix it. Maybe an interface revision for FC 10.1. Seriously!
That iCloud suit. The company that was suing saw how big the Apple Space Ship was gonna be and said "na, we love Steve and why make every one mad at us." So they felt bad and intimidated and therefor dropped the suit. Now they feel happy and are partying like its 1999.
Eehh, would any one consider that Steve would make a good creative movie guy? Think about it. He would be a good Science Fiction guy. He could come up with great ideas for future tech in Star Trek. Then Apple could build it. We would buy it. I mean more than what Apple has now. Way beyond what Apple has now.
Apple can and will if it wants to.
Butt.... Butt.... What about the MacPro and its capabilities. Massive MacPro's in a massive building with massive power and massive Steve Smiling on them all. See ya at the Mother ship Steve.
I would almost bet that is Apple was not doing so well (like it was before steve came back) that these companies would not be suing like crazy.
A turd is stil a turd. No matter how pretty you try to make it look, it's still is a turd underneath it all. dll Based os. d for Dumb L for Lame and L for loser. Microsoft needs to get away from making turds and start making bonafide Unix based OS. Then they will have become the competition to Apple. Oh and hey.... What the hell with all the damn updates Microsloft. Cant wait to see Steve at the mothership.
I plan to get mine from the mother ship. Steve is gonna meet me there.
New Posts  All Forums: