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It's all about putting your emotions into different compartments and not letting them interfere with each other and with your main business. For more on that, you should read my business Bible: "What they Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School" by the late great Mark McCormack, founder of IMG and inventor of the whole Sports/TV Sponsorship idiom (which he started from scratch with just a $500 investment).
Could this be the reason for the recently reported shortage of screen components worldwide? If so, then wow, just wow!
Handango and PocketGear (the latter bought out the former early this year) were examples of cross-platform online app stores that existed before the Apple App Store model blazed its way onto the scene. Microsoft generally directed those WMx users that desired apps to go to Handango. As usual, while there is an argument to be made for the Apple model's merits, it was mainly the failings of the existing models that led to the exodus of developers. In the first place, their...
That last sentence should have read "And then on top of all that they dumped Mark Hurd".
Uh-oh! Here comes the iPod play, as pretty much expected sooner or later. Establish the marque, secure the high-end, then start to diversify outwards and downwards. Now I understand why Nokia's launched its all-out multi-venue litigation offensive. If this plays out as expected, then bye-bye Nokia handset share (not just talking smartphones here).
For the answer to your second thought, I advise you to refer to your first thought... simple.
You're talking about a nation with an annual income group of $75k upwards numbering about 55 million strong. That's almost the entire population of the UK.Why do you think Ferrari, Lamborghini, Cartier and all the high-value marques are tripping over each other to get into the Chinese market? The differences between interfaces may be trivial, but at the high end, as with the Ferraris and Lamborghini's vis-a-vis the Honda's and Toyota's, it's all about perceived quality,...
A balanced and rational analysis of the issue, @ranson. In short, Your Mileage May Vary [YMMV] with regard to latency depending on the location of your DNS provider servers (ISP/OpenDNS/Google DNS) vis-a-vis the nearest Akamai server that streams your rental selection to you. Any of these DNS solutions could work out best for you or the absolute worst. As such, a little tweaking may or may not be required. It's pretty obvious from the anecdotal evidence from the various...
.. and create monstrous supply and distribution problems and holdups. One thing's for sure though; a BOGOF iPhone would see daily activations of close to 1 million plus.
Yep, and like Microsoft they are going to discover the hard way many years down the line that the best way to go about it is not to brainlessly ape the innovation of others (Java, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, FaceBook and Mozilla to name a few) and add a few modifications to claim originality, but to strike out in their own unique direction with their own ideas. Embrace and extend has had its day, and is a spent force in the techno-sphere...
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