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Apps, Multi-tasking and use of the camera (among other functions) first started life on the iPhone exclusively reserved for Apple and a select few partners like Google, Yahoo etc. Later, along came 3rd party apps, true multitasking and camera access. Notifications have just been opened up to 3rd parties, and hot off the press is the news that TouchID has also been opened up. Patience, pilgrims, patience is the key...
Apple obviously were well aware of the issues likely to occur once online ordering was open to all after the product announcement. Even Tim Cook himself anticipated "The Mother Of All Upgrades" The problem is, iPhone demand is increasing exponentially rather than uniformly, so Apple's preparations have been shown to be "skating to where the puck is". What a lovely First World problem for a company to have!
And when corporations begin to assess iOS8 / OSX Yosemite and test out the potential benefits of Continuity innovations like Handoff, AirDrop & Notifications (working with 3rd party and web apps), the beachhead will have been cleared for MacBooks, iMacs and Mac Pros to invade the Enterprise in the wake of iPad & iPhone - GERONIMO!
Quote:Originally Posted by AppleInsiderApple's iPhone accounted for 58 percent of smartphone shopping traffic while iPads took an overwhelming 86 percent share among tablets, but Yahoo Finance is warning investors that Apple's dominance of shopping is "slowing losing share."Dude, stop measuring shadows and get to the heart of the matter...
Apple's been there, done that gig countless times, and effortlessly, with real-world, shipping products. What's the big deal about anti-social (Glass) vapour-ware (Flying cars)? As for glucose level monitoring etc, I'd wait for Health Book to make its debut in a few weeks' time before crowing any premature triumphalist conclusions not backed up by seamless execution. AirPlay, AirDrop, AirPrint, Siri, iBeacons, Accessibility SDK, FindMyiPhone, 64-Bit Mobile OS and...
   This is good news: the big-hitters (pro and anti-Apple) are back in the commenting fray - SockRolid, Flaneur, Suddenly Newton...   This thread is going to be good!   Don't hold back now, dudes.... seconds away... GatorGuy, whither art thou?   (Sits back and reaches for popcorn...)
Well spent advertising dollars? I don't think so, not when the name of your bitterest rival keeps cropping up at your sponsored mega events - Sochi, and now the Oscars and that's just this year so far...
 What short memories everyone seems to have!  Remember Google denying pre version 6 iOS access to turn-by-turn navigation, Street View and playing hard-ball by insisting on greater access to user details? Who was kow-towing to whom?
Translation: the mortal threat to Redmond posed by Apple's recent iWork bundling moves both on the Web / Cloud and on tablets has not gone unnoticed, and has to be countered as a matter of grave urgency. Period.
First rule of business and politics: "No permanent friends, no permanent enemies". Though American WW2 hero General Patton would likely have described Samsung as "The Enema" :-)
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