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most of the android market share is in countries where you have to pay full price for a phone. $700 or more for the top line and the cheapest android phones come in at the $150 mark. since people outside the USA earn a lot less they can't afford $700 phones which is why android is beating in market share. you can buy a decent $300 android phone but the cheapest iphone is $450
 they have years of data, not that big a deal
except the people who started this company are real engineers who made some real tech while at SAIC. they originally developed it for the CIA and then took the patents they invented and started their own company to license them out
can you play games in this? how is the performance?
iMac is maybe 25% of apple's computer sales. this is why the MBA and MBP get more attention.
  time warner and comcast both have packages that start at $90 a month for internet and TV
yep $20 per month would be worth it. $30 if you include TV shows
oh well i'll just buy the blu ray then
you can do it with Vudu download their application, put in DVD and for a few $$$ it will give you a digital copy in their store.
completely different business models music was always buy each album, then the greatest hits, etc cable TV is paying for lots of content to watch only what you want   if you only pay for internet and pay for netflix and the other services you are close to the cost of a cable TV sub in the end
New Posts  All Forums: