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supposedly ESPN has been doing just this since the 90's
nice, some of these places it takes 30 minutes of waiting for the check
network neutrality never meant you can do anything you want it just means ISP's can't block or throttle content from competitors
$90 million profit in a quarter is not bad considering the low dev costs. with the console games the costs to bring a game to market are A LOT higher
margins are falling which is a precursor to lower growth or negative growth   remember apple over the last two years? first the margins started to fall last year and the numbers only went bad early this year
wouldn't watchESPN give you access to played games?
FIOS and att uverse already do this on the xbox. you don't need a cable box to watch cable TV   no need for itunes
this is just to get the people who want to upgrade every year. they are the most profitable customers now   most people will still stay with subsidies
nope on t-mo once you add the phone fees and the fees for more 4G data and hotspot you are at the same price as ATT and VZW   nice thing about T-mo is that you don't have to pay for all the fast 4g data
tell that to disney, CBS and others who control the content and sell the channels in bundles   take it or leave it
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