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you will still need a cable subscrition   time warner is just getting out of the box and tv guide business
when those cable boxes first came out, they were very powerful for their day. i've read TWC paid hundreds of $$$ each for them.
i read it, but every device sold in the past disagrees with his assessment   phase 1 is the early adopters willing to spend $$$. high profits   phase 2 is the mass market. lots of money but lowered margins.   phase 3 is past the 50% market saturation. the last to adopt almost always goes for the cheapest option. partly because the cheapest option by this time is more than good enough for most customers. and any smart company will have identified the high...
there was a peak in early 2012 as well of people buying smartphones   point is there are less new potential customers in the US than current owners. A LOT less since not everyone without a smartphone will buy one. and most of them will go low end
every company of apple's size has multiple suppliers even apple's current products use multiple suppliers for iphones, mac's, etc
all the content is still virtualized and clouded so its not like the speed will be noticeable   i have 2 LTE phones i use daily and only get LTE speeds when doing a speedtest
if you have FIOS you can stream live TV through your x-box. no need for a cable box from verizon. same with u-verse. i bet time warner and comcast get on board as well this year
MS has had a deal with AT&T for years now where the xbox 360 can act as the cable box. live TV is streamed. I think the same for FIOS as well.   i've read stuff over the last year that cable companies don't want to buy a new generation of cable boxes and are going the route of the customer buying the device and streaming live TV   except for sports, news and other live events all TV is streamed so its not that big a deal
looks like microsoft just cracked the TV secret code   looks amazing
  what are corporations made up of? citizens   time for all of you to take a pay cut to pay your fair share of taxes
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