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the military would ground to a halt without powerpoint   the classified PC's are only allowed on classified networks. and computers on the normal network are not allowed on classified networks 
netflix you stream everything, itunes i can play off my laptop to my apple TV but either way, netflix is a much better deal than a la carte from itunes. for me its netflix and blu rays
yep   one time i was on a jury for a drug case. i wasn't supposed to, but i looked up the arrest records and the perp was arrested with guns and had a dozen other charges filed against him. but for whatever reason the case was only for drug possession
every tech eventually reaches a point where its too good for what most people want and something else takes over   gaming graphics cards, home internet, computers, etc
this has nothing to do with piracy. most of the people that torrent this do it for personal use and are not the target market.   this is to make their customers pay every year so they can fire their sales force and cut down on reseller costs
for people who do talk on the phone and want something close to a tablet to read or watch movies on the train these are awesome. one device is cheaper than two.
the debt will be used to buy stock, which is an asset and pays a dividend. and the debt is tax deductible.   retailers use short term debt to buy inventory because its cheaper than using cash
no, there is something called Oracle Financials where you can model stuff like this and the financial impact on the company before you sign on the dotted line   where are they supposed to put the cash? cyprus?
nope, its actually a good thing   apple selling debt allows organizations with a lot of cash but no place to park it a safe place to invest it
too much risk of fraud that would result in a huge expense of people having to listen to sob stories and make a decision and others crying to blogs about how apple screwed them
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