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helped microsoft   they have so many people working on windows, it takes 3 weeks from code submission to see it in a new build of the OS
not true apple has to test and certify their phones on carriers' networks like everyone else. they might use special test units but they still have to do this   and its not like they announce a product and ship it. lots of work to be done with carriers to get the phones added to inventory, financial and other systems. subsidy and other contracts have to be signed. not like the phones just arrive at the stores with no notice
not like they are coding it from scratch   the OS, Siri and iCloud are working. you just have to code the extra features to make them better. the GUI is not that big a deal
someone on my family plan has one. nice phone, but i'll stick with iphone 5   the plastic is more durable than the iphone 5 but the features are gimicky. the widgets rarely work right and i hate the GUI split of 7 home screens and an app drawer 
except its not unlimited everything 500MB of LTE/HSPA+ data and then its EDGE speeds
sprint and t-mo were 100% android until recently   and most of the world you have to buy your phone outright, that's where android wins, at the $300 price level
Profit marginsQuality wise the galaxy s3 is no match for the 5 and 4s. Neither is the galaxy noteLots of people just don't care and apple is being dumb not catering to the market
they haven't? the stock price had gone up before earnings almost every time. in early 2012 all the apple blogs were blogging how cirrus logic and other suppliers had monster quarters and then apple followed as well   funny how in jaunuary 2013 a lot of apple suppliers reported after apple
every public company is like that   wall street maps out the company's products to their suppliers and customers and uses the numbers to predict earnings. they are accurate most of the time   if you have the resources its not rocket science to predict apple's earnings and revenues
because i'm not going to buy an ibook unless its easy to read even if i don't have my ipad handy   i can read a kindle book on my ipad, iphone, PC, Mac and a variety of devices that start from $50. Not just a $300 ipad. for a while i was looking to supplement my ipad with a $50 kindle or $99 kindle fire or cheapo android tablet to read because i couldn't take my ipad to work with me
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