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they do have an ipad/iphone app   apple needs to have a reader available for all platforms, not just Mac
ibooks sucks compared to kindle so its not like i would have bought any ibooks for my ipad   i just bought a kindle book as a gift for my mom. easy. i couldn't figure out how to gift a book on itunes.
that's US market share. worldwide android has higher share because its cheaper. most countries there are no contracts like in the US. You pay full price for the phone. iphone is close to $1000 in some countries after the 20% VAT tax.   the magic price that a lot of people buy phones at is $300. at that price range android is a better deal
the 4S had supply issues, for months   the iphone 5 is being discounted all the time
first quote made up from thin air second quote you go to the contractors with finished plans and numbers and they calculate how much work it will take and give you a realistic number first quote was in a recession. i bet the price of materials is higher now than a few years ago as well.
does amazon have unlimited restore of previous versions?
some of us don't watch this much TV so no need to pay for every subscription
howard is what keep the money flowing   without howard there would be no point in paying for something you can get for free
the ESPN app offers free access to sports talk shows on the radio   MLB offers free radio streaming of games as well
you can't customize sirius/xm like you can spotify/slacker/pandora. and talk radio you need stars like Howard Stern and lots of money to pay them   spotify is the current standard for streaming music
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